Speculation Game: Captain America #323

by Matt Tuck

Cap-323-page-1-224x300 Speculation Game: Captain America #323The rumors never cease, and the latest will cause a rush for Captain America #323. If you don’t have it, here’s why you want it.

Up until now, there hasn’t been too much interest in the John F. Walker key issues, but now there are whispers that he is coming to life in the MCU, and none other than Superman himself, Henry Cavill, is in talks to portray him. While that may sound far fetched, it will be enough to create a feeding frenzy among collectors, which will spike the values for his key issues.

Cap-333-page-16-300x263 Speculation Game: Captain America #323The rumors of Cavill leaving DC for Marvel aren’t new, and it’s been no secret that Cavill and Warner Brothers haven’t been seeing eye to eye in recent years.

First, the actor was supposedly unhappy with his digitally-removed mustache for the Justice League movie. Then there were the reports that he wanted a hefty pay raise, and WB balked, which prompted him to turn down a Shazam! cameo as the Man of Steel. The other part of the story is the speculation that WB is looking for a younger Superman after Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman when Ben Affleck left the role. Does all of this equal Cavill portraying US Agent in the MCU?


Cap-354-page-11-300x235 Speculation Game: Captain America #323I can see two parts of this equation coming true. Cavill rode Superman’s red cape into stardom, and Marvel Studios wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with him. As for John Walker/US Agent, things are coming together for his inevitable inclusion into the MCU. With Sam Wilson taking up the star-spangled costume and shield, a showdown with the anti-Captain America makes too much sense for Marvel to ignore. However, I picture Cavill being cast in a bigger role than the Equate Cap.

Still, prices are going to spike thanks to the speculation, and here are he issues you’ll want to be watching.


Captain-America-323-193x300 Speculation Game: Captain America #323CAPTAIN AMERICA #323

At first glance, this might seem like a dollar-bin level issue, but you will be wise to pay attention to it. This is the issue that will see the biggest jump in fair market value as it is the first appearance of John F. Walker.

Back in 1986, he was the villain known as Super-Patriot, who was meant to be Steve Rogers’ villainous reflection. Normally this would seem like a minor throwaway character at best, but Marvel had bigger plans in store for him.




Captain-America-333-195x300 Speculation Game: Captain America #323CAPTAIN AMERICA #333

Beginning with this 1987 issue, John Walker became the official Captain America for two years. In the story, Steve Rogers gave up the shield and donned a black and red-striped uniform while Walker wore the stars and stripes. Could we see this play out in the MCU only with Sam Wilson laying down the shield? That would make for an interesting story, and it is in the realm of possibility.





Captain-America-354-197x300 Speculation Game: Captain America #323CAPTAIN AMERICA #354

Having Walker portray Cap was never meant to last forever. In fact, creator Mark Gruenwald reportedly stated that he was surprised the run lasted as long as it did. When Steve Rogers inevitably returned to the title role, Walker wasn’t cast aside. Instead, he was given Cap’s black uniform and became known as US Agent in Cap #354.

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geekydaddydave August 13, 2019 - 11:17 pm

I could see John Walker being introduced in the Falcon & Winter Soldier Disney+ series, but to the big screen is a bit of a stretch to me. Would love to see Cavill in the MCU however. I’m surprised Warner Bros doesn’t have something in their contracts baring their main stars from playing super-heroes for other studios (kind of like how Sony had a clause that Pierce Brosnan could not wear a tuxedo in any non-James Bond movie).


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