Speculation by Night: Thoughts on Moon Knight in Phase 5

by Blaise Tassone

Moon-Knight-1-300x153 Speculation by Night: Thoughts on Moon Knight in Phase 5

Now it’s being reported a standalone ‘Moon Knight’ film has been greenlit by Marvel for Phase 5. As of this writing, this is still a rumor – (see here) -so don’t take it as written in stone.

That said, when talk has moved from ‘will Moon Knight appear?’, to whether or not he would best be played by Keanu Reeves, Andrew Garfield or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, well, there may actually be truth behind all the talk.

If a ‘Moon Knight’ feature film is in the planning, then one thing is certain: the Phase 5 earth based/ horror themed direction of the MCU is all but confirmed and we need to start looking at comics in this genre.

123310_72fef7b2445d0c1c95e754a7b34fdf8bee974085-199x300 Speculation by Night: Thoughts on Moon Knight in Phase 5

Marvel Spotlight #2 (February 1972) – First appearance of Werewolf by Night; First appearance Jack Russell; First appearance Lissa Russell

We can start with the title that gave us the title that gave us Moon Knight, which would be Marvel Spotlight #2 – the first appearance of Werewolf by Night. Sure, Marvel can introduce Moon Knight without ever bringing in Jack Russell. They’ve given us Carol Danvers without introducing Rick Jones, but will they do this? If they plan to embrace a horror direction, my guess is the Werewolf will show up before long.

In preparation, get your hands on this book. With only 780 total copies on the CGC census, long term values have been strongly positive, trending up in all grades (a good sign). Over the last 3 months best returns have been on 8.0 (also the only grade with more than 1 sale). ROI is positive +10.3% after 3 sales, and the last sale was for $250.00 on eBay (08/01/2019). With FMV for 8.0 currently standing at $210.00 there’s plenty of room for growth here.




123830_4a60be876d08ec7a0506918ad9d046071b70c685-200x300 Speculation by Night: Thoughts on Moon Knight in Phase 5

Werewolf by Night #1 (September 1972) -First issue of titled series; Ploog art

If Marvel Spotlight #2 is too pricey for you, try this comic on for size. This is the first solo issue of Jack Russell’s Werewolf. Again there are under 800 copies on the CGC census (746 in this case), and while long term returns look more mixed, the trend is more positive than negative. Short term trends are all positive however, and up especially on higher grades (in the last 12 weeks, 9.4 is up +33.3% after 4 sales, 9.2 +33.3% after 2 sales and 8.5 +30.9% after 3 sales). The last 9.4 sold for $895.00 and the last 8.5 went for a mere $158.99. Plus who doesn’t love that Mike Ploog cover?






127004_06391038e91a7a062a4e6dc0371b0305b09eaff5-195x300 Speculation by Night: Thoughts on Moon Knight in Phase 5127109_a0df7e82549d8443e752d26b027cdf80bbe1208b-194x300 Speculation by Night: Thoughts on Moon Knight in Phase 5128013_6d3d28f0ecff2971e2750edc7db5eac6edb1e1f5-194x300 Speculation by Night: Thoughts on Moon Knight in Phase 5

Not much to say about Werewolf by Night #32 (August 1975) – First appearance of Moon Knight; Origin of Moon Knight that I haven’t already said in my post The Coming Marvel Bronze Age Explosion: Bronze Age Books Yet to Peak. If the ‘Moon Knight’ movie is really happening, sit back and enjoy the fireworks, this book will become very hot to the point that it may make Special Marvel Edition #15 look tame. My personal pick, with more room to grow, is: Werewolf by Night #33 (September 1975) – Second appearance of Moon Knight. Looking at the numbers on this book, it currently has a FMV of $3, 100 in 9.8, with the last sale in that grade going for $2, 655.00 (on ComicLink back in May of 2018). Compare that with the last 9.8 sold of issue #32 (also on ComicLink on 2/28/2019) for $50, 000.00 and you can decide for yourself which of the two has more room to grow. Moon Knight standalone comics will, of course, also pick up due to this news. Keep your eyes on Marvel Spotlight #28 (June 1976), which was already trending strong before the news hit.

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