Special Dave McKean Exhibit in Chicago

by Jeff

mckean_exhibit Special Dave McKean Exhibit in ChicagoMedia Release — On July 17, The Century Guild is hosting an exclusive reception honoring visionary creator Dave McKean, and offering you the chance to meet with the master artist in an exclusive reception benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! Tickets for this special event are limited to 50 pieces and are available now for a $50 donation to the CBLDF at http://www.cbldf.com/A_Salute_to_Dave_McKEan_p/evt-mckeanevnt.htm

With your $50 donation, you will receive:

– Small limited edition print of Destiny, 11 x 11 inches, in an extremely limited edition of 50. CBLDF exclusive!

– Copies of all three Nitrate and Kinogeists event posters (Nitrate and Kinogeists Weekend, Faust screening, Mirrormask screening)

– Admission to both night’s events

– Six outside items autographed

– Unlimited autographs for items bought at event.

There will be a wide selection of McKean art books present at retail price.

The Nitrate and Kinogeists weekend features an exhibition of paintings from Dave McKean’s Nitrate series, inspired by early cinema.

And as if that weren’t enough, a very special print- limited to a signed and numbered edition of ONE!

Destiny (Fritz Lang, 1921) is available as a high quality facsimile edition from Century Guild in extremely limited edition sizes of 22″ and 36″ square (editions of 90 and 5, respectively).

But for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a special printer’s proof, printed FULL SCALE to the painting at 44″ x 44″ will be signed and numbered 1 of 1 by Dave McKean.

This gorgeous rarity will be available at the CBLDF Auction at San Diego Comic Con, held on Saturday, July 25th.

For more information on Dave McKean in Chicago, visit:


For updates on the Nitrate and Kinogeists weekend visit: http://centuryguild.wordpress.com

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