Spawn Retailer Thank You Foil Variant

by Matt Tuck

704483_spawn-thx-thank-you-thx-retailer-appreciation-variant-193x300 Spawn Retailer Thank You Foil Variant

This one is absolutely blowing up.

With a relatively low print run (only one was sent per retailer), this one isn’t flying off the shelves because there aren’t enough to be on the shelves, since it was free as a…you know it’s coming…“thank you” to Image retailers. That in itself increases the collectability. What makes it more valuable is this is (to the best of my Google research) the first Spawn foil cover. The book itself is a collection of Spawn covers from the years, which makes it a must for Todd McFarlane fans.

If you check your eBay listings, you’ll see copies of the Thank You foil variant selling at auction for as little as $80 and sometimes exceeding $150. I don’t predict this one to lose its momentum anytime soon, especially if the ever-persistent rumors of a Spawn movie finally pan out. For those lucky enough to get their hands on a copy of the foil variant, you can easily sell it and make at least a marginal profit. My advice is to get a copy – maybe even two if you’ve made the proper sacrifices to the comic book gods (I keep offering buckets of Bojangles fried chicken leftovers, but that doesn’t seem to win favor; maybe up the ante and go with KFC Memphis gold) – and hold tight.

However, to quote Doctor Strange, “The warning comes after the spell.”

Don’t go overboard and toss $150 a piece at these (unless you’re buying from me, then by all means, toss all the dollars you’d like, or gold coins for that matter). Once you add grading fees and shipping, you’re looking at an investment of over $200, and you’ll be hard pressed to get your money back if and when you choose to sell it. Keep your overhead at close to $100, and you should be in the comfort zone.

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