Spawn: Book Of The Dead Softcover Edition Coming Soon

by Jeff

JUL090365D Spawn: Book Of The Dead Softcover Edition Coming SoonMedia Release — The softcover edition of Spawn: Book of the Dead is coming to book stores and comic shops nationwide this September.

This reprint of the popular graphic novel is written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), with additional content by David Hine (Spawn), and serves as the ultimate guide for any Spawn fan. With each character in the Spawn mythos beautifully rendered by renowned artist Ashley Wood, this 104-page softcover is not to be missed.

“Spawn: Book of the Dead is an overview of more than 200 issues of various stories spread out over multiple titles,” says Todd McFarlane. “The intent of this book was to try and condense those thousands of pages, ideas and characters into a digestible version for those who haven’t been keeping their own notebook about my flagship character. To help bring this idea to life, Steve Niles took my ideas and strung together a timeline of some of those events. Then, the near-impossible task of putting artwork to the huge mythology of Spawn fell on the shoulders of Ashley Wood.”

You can find this softcover edition at your local comic shop or bookstore. Ask your retailer for it by name, or by the ISBN number, 1607061496.

To find a local comic shop near you, try the Comic Shop Locator.

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