Spawn And Twitch face-off in SPAWN #207

by Jeff

mar110600 Spawn And Twitch face-off in SPAWN #207Media Release — After one long month, Spawn is back, continuing the saga of Jim Downing in Spawn #207, out this Wednesday, May 11. Last month, while Jim’s celebrity status rose, he receded to the alleys to avoid the spotlight. In a surprise battle with the Old Guard, Jim proves he is force to be reckoned with by tearing through the bunch—literally. Later, Twitch enters the alleys to find Al, only to come face-to-face with an infuriated Jim. What happens in the next few issues will shock our fan base to its core!

After years of producing a monthly comic book with fresh, mind-blowing art and a creative twist on the traditional superhero story, Todd McFarlane flipped the script once again, by changing the look of his flagship title in Spawn #201. McFarlane decided he wanted a more sophisticated look for his comics, and opted for a photo realistic style created by new Spawn artist, Szymon Kudranski. Newcomer Will Carlton takes the reins on scripting duties, providing a dramatic story with suspense at every turn. This powerhouse team is redefining the way readers see comics, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome.

To check out the new creative team, and find out how Twitch deals with his first encounter with the new Spawn, be sure to pick up your copy of Spawn #207.

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