Spawn and Red Sonja: Hottest Comics Trends

by Matt Tuck

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Spawn reigned supreme over his competition this week, but Red Sonja’s early appearances quietly trended in the Hottest Comics rankings.

The Hottest Comics index is based on a week’s worth of eBay sales data. Regardless of fair market values, this list reveals the biggest movers and shakers of the comic world in terms of sales volume. 

When you look closer at the data, what you find are sales trends that give us a snapshot of what comics buyers are eying. This week, Spawn’s keys and Red Sonja were on the minds of many. Here’s the breakdown.


Who knows when (or if) the Todd McFarlane-directed horror film will ever see the light of day? It seemed like a pipe dream before McFarlane announced a partnership with Blumhouse, then that seemingly fell through. Now fans are waiting for confirmation that the movie is back on track. (Personally, I would settle for a long-overdue fourth season of the brilliant HBO animated series. If you haven’t seen that, you are doing yourself a disservice.)

Despite the movie’s turmoil, Spawn stood tall in this week’s Hottest Comics.

spawn-1-195x300 Spawn and Red Sonja: Hottest Comics Trends1. SPAWN #1 (+1)

It finally happened: Spawn defeated Spider-Man.

In recent weeks, Ultimate Fallout #4 took the top spot over Amazing Spider-Man #300, which was unheard of. This week, Spawn #1 reached the number one spot, bypassing Miles Morales’ first appearance in the process. This is a testament to it’s enduring popularity and fans’ love affair with that beautiful 1990s art style.

Spawn-2-195x300 Spawn and Red Sonja: Hottest Comics Trends77. SPAWN #2 (+953)

If you need further convincing that Spawn is a red-hot character, look no further than Spawn #2. In a week when #1 took the top prize, Spawn #2 gained over 950 spots to crack the top 100. 

Why is it special? Aside from being the second appearance of Al Simmons, this issue also featured the debuts of Violator in his clown form, as well as detectives Sam and Twitch, whom McFarlane has said will be integral to the possible movie. 

Spawn-8-194x300 Spawn and Red Sonja: Hottest Comics Trends79. SPAWN #8 (+920)

Again, we have an early Spawn key amassing huge gains this week.

Spawn #8 has a lot going for it. First, it was written by Alan Moore and had a pin-up drawn by Frank Miller. Second, the Violator’s brother, Vindicator, made his first appearance here as the levels of Hell were explained. If that weren’t enough, McFarlane’s cover paid tribute to his classic Spider-Man #1 artwork.

147. SPAWN #174 (+852)Spawn-174-200x300 Spawn and Red Sonja: Hottest Comics Trends

Need more Spawn? Collectors were hot for Gunslinger Spawn this week, in Spawn #174.  He had made a major return to the title earlier this year. The hugely popular version of Spawn made giant gains in the rankings, blasting forward by more than 850 positions.

Looking for more Gunslinger? Then check out, “The Return of Gunslinger Spawn in Spawn #309.”


Spawn’s numbers may have been flashy, but Red Sonja is stealthily moving up the rankings as well.

Ever since Marvel assumed publishing rights to Conan the Barbarian, his Bronze Age keys have been hot. Now it seems his counterpart, Red Sonja, is beginning to heat up as well. Both of her first two appearances gained over 750 spots each this week. It’s more than just those Bronze Age keys as the Red Sonja: Age of Chaos Comic Kingdom of Canada edition moved ahead by over 500 positions of its own. Here’s more.

Conan-23-199x300 Spawn and Red Sonja: Hottest Comics Trends222. CONAN THE BARBARIAN #23 (+777)

Sonja first appeared in a comic in Conan the Barbarian #23 in a cameo appearance. We have not seen her on-screen since 1985, and her hardcore fans have been wanting more for almost four decades. We already know that Conan is coming to Netflix in his own series, but there are also millings about a Red Sonja series in the works. Could that be the reason her key issues are heating up?

223. CONAN THE BARBARIAN #24 (+776)Conan-the-Barbarian-24-203x300 Spawn and Red Sonja: Hottest Comics Trends

For Red Sonja collectors, this is the key to have. Even better than her first full appearance, at least by today’s collecting standards, she is featured front and center on the cover art. Again, Conan the Barbarian #24 is likely getting a boost from those live-action rumors. There is no certainty that a Red Sonja series is on the way, but we could see her featured in the upcoming Conan series. In that event, look for this issue to get much hotter.

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Spawn and Red Sonja: Hottest Comics Trends

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Mark Andrich December 19, 2020 - 4:30 pm

Most comic bases say Conan 23 was a cameo appearance but she appears in over 20 panels and is even referred to by name, so it really is her 1st appearance 24 is her 1st cover appearance check out 23 n see for yourself


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