SPAWN and HAUNT will excite you this August

by Jeff

JUN120573 SPAWN and HAUNT will excite you this AugustMedia Release — August is another exciting month for Todd McFarlane Productions! Not only do we have our regular monthly titles coming out, but also a new poster as part of our 20th Anniversary series, as well as the next hard cover book in our well received Spawn: Origins line of publications.

In last month’s issue of Spawn, Jim learned of Ramus’ plans to exploit his likeness despite his objections. Also, in Jim’s never-ending search to discover his backstory, he’s reintroduced to Richard, a man on his own fact-finding journey. This month’s issue picks up right where Richard and Jim left off, and Richard may be the key piece to solving Jim’s dilemma. Also, don’t miss the comic debut of our Tilly’s “Become a Spawn Character” winner, Cody. We give the fans a little peek behind the curtain to the process in a special editorial feature in the back of the book. Releasing this Wednesday, August 1st, Spawn #222 finally gives answers to Jim’s question, “Who am I?”

Also releasing early in the month is the next poster in our 20th Anniversary series. Spawn 20th Anniversary Poster #3 (of 4), displays master Spawn artist Greg Capullo’s creation in frameable format. Measuring at 24″ x 36″, the third poster complements the two previously released ones, showcasing the striking digital artwork both Capullo and Clayton Crain are known for. In stores Wednesday, August 8th, Spawn 20th Anniversary Poster #3 (of 4) makes a great addition to any Spawn fan’s collection.

Joining our flagship title and poster in comic shops around the nation next month is the subsequent hard cover book in our Spawn: Origins line of product. Featuring the artwork of penciller Greg Capullo and inker Danny Miki, this collection has it all! Child killer Billy Kincaid’s ghost returns to haunt the city and prey on the innocent, and Cogliostro finally reveals his secret past to Spawn. This collection is not to be missed, and reaches shelves Wednesday, August 15th.

Rounding out this month’s offerings is Haunt #26. After Robbi Rodriguez’s stellar guest artist stint, Nathan Fox is back to his stylistic art duties. After learning of Mirage’s new assignment and the warning of a new threat, we’re back to business as usual with the Kilgore brothers. Only this time, new characters are introduced by way of Daniel’s nightmares. Will his visions materialize into something much realer than imagined? Also, will Detectives McCullers and Lardner stumble upon an unexpected clue in their investigation of the Second Church? Find out in Haunt #26, in stores on Wednesday, August 29th.

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