Spawn 2019?

by Norman Robinson III

692364_spawn-1-195x300 Spawn 2019?

Spawn #1 is the first appearance of Al Simmons (aka Spawn) created by the ultimate artist Todd McFarlane. He did both the script and the art of this character which was published by Image Comics in (1992). This is a comic for mature readers who are fans of the vengeance-seeking anti-hero. He is a demon with good guy tendencies. His powers are like a cross of Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, and Dr.Strange. This guy is a smorgasbord of strength and can devastate a variety of opponents as shown in Image comics.

Every fan of Venom is going to swoon over Spawn when he hits the theaters in 2019. Yep Spawnistas, the dreaded anti-hero is coming to your theater sometime in 2019. Todd McFarlane has stated he is in control of the production of Spawn, and the movie is due out next year.

Recently at the Image Expo this week Todd Mcfarlane took the stage and gave an update on the 2019 Spawn film; he confirmed that they were working on Hollywood casting.

According to the blogosphere “after Deadpool proved that there was a market for R-rated superhero movies, McFarlane has been pushing for a Spawn reboot harder than ever. He’s also doing something different from other superhero creators in that he wants total control over the production.  McFarlane is still on track to write and direct this production (”

Spawn #1 is dominant as both a super-hero and as a speculative comic. Currently, a near mint (9.8) for this demonic destroyer is going for around $111 as of last sale (eBay). This comic is ranked 4th most popular Modern Age comic (GoCollect). It has been crawling up the charts like a spider and with 147 sales in the last three months is on a pace to overtake ASM #300.

There are two ways to invest in this comic. First, merely sit tight and hold onto your Spawn #1 from 1992. When the comic book hits your price point; then sell that sucker. The second alternative is what a true Spawnista Speculation-Terminator would do; buy em all! When and if you purchase a Spawn #1 be sure it is at least in an 8.5  grade, or above as they have the best returns over a short period. The grade of very-fine to near-mint (9.0) has returned a whopping 43% to date! That grade has yielded even higher ROI at a 5-7 year designation (GoCollect). All this without an initial  movie catalyst and in three months of returns.

Warning! There were a lot of comics were sold in the 1990’s. The market was eventually flooded and drove many people out of comics forever. This overprinting of comics created whole storage units of 1990’s comics that were worthless and abandoned. Yes, many copies exist and Spawn was part of that buying frenzy so don’t overdo it. That being said, between now and 2019 there should be plenty of time to collect a few critical grades for resale.

Financially, Spawn #1 meets muster, iconically it has the image (ahem) of a money maker, it has a future catalyst, and the primary creator is involved in the movie production. These are all great signs, not to mention this is not from Marvel or DC. The fact that a different comic publisher is creating this movie will probably spur interest. This will put Image Comics directly in the spotlight. Especially with an artist of McFarlene’s ability at the helm. He did it with Spider-Man, Venom and Spawn not to mention being part owner of Image Comics; you can count on McFarlane to deliver the goods. Spawn will rise to rage again.

In the words of Spawn, “Let there be no mistake. The king of hell is returned.” (Spawn Vol 1)

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