Spawn 196 features two of Image Comic’s original founders

by Jeff

jul090355 Spawn 196 features two of Image Comic's original foundersMedia Release — Todd McFarlane Productions has yet another surprise in store for Spawn fans! Last month, Todd McFarlane returned to draw interior pages. Now, original Image Founder and top-selling comic book artist, Rob Liefeld tag teams on art duties with McFarlane for Spawn #196, the conclusion to the Endgame story arc. Out late November, the issue will feature some of the dynamic work Liefeld has become known for.

When asked why he chose Liefeld to step in for art duties on Spawn, McFarlane says, “I was looking for good artistic help, and remembered inking over Rob on his New Mutant covers back in the Marvel days, and most recently a little bit of Image United. I thought it would be a fun experiment to see what Capullo layouts, Liefeld pencils, and my inks looked like together on a handful of pages.”

In this month’s Spawn, reporter Marc Rosen connects the miracle patient stories to the healer, and Sam, Twitch, and Detective Rowand make headway in the association between Bill Winston’s suicide and Nortego’s gang.

Spawn #196, a 32-page full-color comic book hits retailer shelves late November. To find a comic shop check out

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