Source Point Press April 2018 Solicitations

by Jeff

FEB191972 Source Point Press April 2018 SolicitationsThe kind folks at Source Point Press have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products featured in the February 2018 Previews, scheduled to ship starting April 2018.

THE REJECTED: Unwilling (One-Shot)

Order Code: FEB191972

Abigail struggles to get through her every day life as a single woman in a small town. She can only imagine how difficult it will be now that she is pregnant and will soon be a single mother. Hopeless and alone, with nowhere to run or hide, she weeps. In the shadows, her cries are heard and answered, but not the way she had intended.
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $5.99


Order Code: FEB191967

The brave Katarina and her father stumble across a creepy cult, while Hans, still on the run, makes it back to his daughter Astrid… Just in time for Gruber and Ilsa to drop in on their reunion, to collect on the bounty! This action packed issue finds the paths of all the characters intertwining, and the tension building is nothing short of monstrous!
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99


Order Code: FEB191975

In the Fourth issue of Gary Reed’s final story, we uncover the secrets of Tarit-Doca, a drug that isolates strands of DNA to activate genes that weren’t previously being used, but to what result? Pressure builds on Amy Berg from CIS as she’s drawn more and more to her connection with Macandra, and the endgame approaches as the Institute starts to show their true colors.
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99


Order Code: FEB191968

Ten years ago, a sliver of the world’s population was granted super powers in an instant. Since then, these “Boosters” have turned the planets socio-economic systems on their ear. Instead of dressing up in colorful costumes and beating each other up, they formed a union – called Power Corps – and replaced the blue collar workforces across the globe. That’s where Ransom and his Achilles Incorporated team come in.
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99


Order Code: FEB191969

Join in on the absurd adventures of a cop who is bending over backwards for justice, mostly because he has no spine in his body! But as Floppy Cop always says, “you don’t need to have a spine to have guts!” Together with a colorful cast of funny characters, Floppy has to solve the puzzles of a new criminal Crossword or Christmas might be ruined in the town of White Trickle Falls!
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99


Order Code: FEB191970

Upon learning that ghosts and demons are real, rap stars Madrox and Monoxide (collectively known as Twiztid) have begun to take the idea of ghost hunting with their new spirit companion Felicia a lot more seriously… or at least as seriously as the two fun-loving jokesters can. However, as The Darkness rises around them on a house call gone wrong, they quickly find what’s happening is no laughing matter!
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99


Order Code: FEB191974

Welcome to 13th century England. The most deadly plague in history, the Black Death, has ravaged the country, claiming millions of lives. A young plague doctor sets out to help the sick and dying, but as he enters the next infected village on his journey, he finds himself in a surreal metaphysical battle for the fate of all humanity!
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $7.99


Order Code: FEB191973

A mysterious cowboy named Reno shows up in the booming silver mining town of Crooked Creek. A card game goes about as badly as it can and Reno runs afoul of the local powers-that-be. Rescued from death in the desert by a local native tribe, for their own purposes, Reno is sent on a mission of vengeance as more than a man, but less than human. Collects the 4-issue mini-series.
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $17.99

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