Sony Pulls Spider-Man, and That’s Not So Bad

by Matt Tuck

Spider-Man-pulled-apart-meme-300x181 Sony Pulls Spider-Man, and That's Not So BadAs Marvel fans reel from the news that Sony is pulling Spider-Man from the MCU, it may not be such a bad thing for either franchise.

The MCU Spider-Man Movies Have Been Bad

I’m sure I’ll catch plenty of flack for that statement, but it’s true. Both Homecoming and Far From Home were far from good movies. I understand that Marvel/Disney has its eyes on the kid demographic with the Spider-Man franchise, and I’m okay with that, but even a kids’ movie can have better dialogue and a better plot than either of these films. They were only marginally better than Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2. Homecoming spent too much time reminding the audience every couple minutes that, indeed, Spider-Man is in the same universe as the Avengers. Far From Home was basically an extended version of the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

Spider-Man-meme-300x245 Sony Pulls Spider-Man, and That's Not So BadPersonally, I haven’t been a fan of the MCU Spider-Man. The portrayal strayed too far from the comics for me. I enjoy Spider-Man being more of an “every man” who has to balance his superheroism with the mundane intricacies of life, like whether to pay the rent or, say, buy fluid for his web shooters. The Sony movies did a better job at capturing this significant part of his character. The best version of Spider-Man perhaps ever was in Into the Spider-Verse, which shows that Sony is capable of putting together a great Spidey film without Marvel’s oversight.



Giant-Size-X-Men-195x300 Sony Pulls Spider-Man, and That's Not So BadThe MCU has X-Men and the Fantastic Four

The argument can be made that Spider-Man is – and has been – Marvel’s single biggest property and the company’s flag bearer. He’s a character that appeals to every generation and endures no matter how the market is doing. He always will be profitable for that reason. Spider-Man is Marvel, and that’s why people were so excited to see him included in the MCU. But Marvel Studios dropped the ball with Spidey’s solo movies. Having the Fox properties at the disposal gives Marvel room for error. 

With the X-Men and the F.F. now under the Marvel Studios banner, the MCU has plenty of ingredients for engaging stories with or without Spider-Man. If you follow my posts, you’ll know I’m slightly biased when I say that the MCU would do well to have the X-Men as the center of its film universe. There is a plethora of characters and engaging stories to last for several Marvel phases. While the Spider-verse had the potential for greatness in the MCU, things will be just fine without it. 

Spider-Man-Snap-300x178 Sony Pulls Spider-Man, and That's Not So BadYour Spider-Man Keys Will Hold Their Values

This is Spider-Man, one of the most dependable comic investments around. No matter which company is producing the movies, his keys will remain solid investments because he’s such a popular and enduring character. They may even get more valuable depending on how Sony develops any future projects or on the off chance that Disney works out a new deal for his film rights. 


Going Forward

What does the future hold for the web slinger? One way or another, someone is going to keep making Spider-Man movies. It was fun seeing him interact with the likes of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but it didn’t turn out as good as it could have. No matter the outcome, here’s to hoping for some better quality Spider-Man projects.

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