Solo Speculation: Web of Spider-Man #19

by Norman Robinson III

Solo_1_Deodato_variant-194x300 Solo Speculation: Web of Spider-Man #19Before you start hearing the clarion call of the Imperial March by John Williams; know this: this blog is not about Hans Solo or any Star Wars referenced character. Still interested? The character we are following today is Solo; he is a teleporting mercenary and weapons tactician. This guy has more armaments than most Call of Duty (pick your version) characters. Solo first appeared in Web of Spiderman #19. That comic book also has the rare mercy killing by Shang Chi of that sad sack supervillain the Humbug. Don’t know much about that character but it is an interesting bit of Shang Chi trivia you could throw at your LCS pals.

Like many heroes, Solo has an interesting catchphrase. That lets us know he is a pure hero, not just a mercenary with teleportation. To quote Solo, “While Solo lives, terror dies!” A tad corny, but what the heck it works. That is the way heroes talked back in that day, prior to the deluge of anti-heroes we have now. Can Solo soldier-on today and flank a decent profit margin or perhaps speculation bonanza for the investment crowd?



web-of-spider-man-19-197x300 Solo Speculation: Web of Spider-Man #19Web of Spider-Man #19

Solo had his first appearance in the comic book Web of Spider-Man #19. This mercenary do-gooder was created by David Michelinie with pencils from Mark Bright and Marc Silvestri in October 1986. This book has recently come under scrutiny for the potential of a possible movie in the future, more on that later under “catalyst.” For now, does this book have any history of positive returns or any kind of trend to go on?





Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Web of Spider-Man #19 9.8 $130   -6.8%
  9.4 $39   +47.5%
  9.0 $27   +156%

Sony_Movies_2019-.n.v.-300x300 Solo Speculation: Web of Spider-Man #19Catalyst

Why buy this unknown character, you ask? Well, simply put, there aren’t a lot of possibilities left that are untapped. The best course of action, bet on Sony, bet on profits. Spiderman is owned by Sony, and it is turning out to be one of the better investments that the company made. Why? Put simply Sony owns the rights to Spiderman the entire franchise. This means Sony owns all the characters that appeared in Spidey saga over the years. Yeah, I thought that would get your attention. Sony owns the rights and is, therefore, considering expanding their Spider-Man Universe. This makes sense, and Solo would be a good fit for a character similar to Black Widow who shepherded in most of the big Marvel hits. We are probably looking at more superheroes and villains in the future. But there is media gossip of a potential catalyst for some kind of Sony movie.  


solo-tele-198x300 Solo Speculation: Web of Spider-Man #19Conclusion

Sony is considering a solo, Solo movie. Speculators probably should be buying up this non-Star Wars Solo superhero. The character would play well on the big screen. It would broaden Sony’s Spider-Verse attempts. Perhaps even leading to an interesting spinoff movie. Look teleportation soldiers have been done a ton, but if Sony decides to make a go of it this book will fly.

The best argument for purchasing now is it is a great time to buy the book in 9.8 grade last sold for $130. But you can probably still buy a raw copy cheap online and CGC it yourself. Either way, Web of Spider-Man #19 is good speculation and an okay long-term investment. Don’t be the Solo speculator that didn’t buy a copy on the cheap now; after all, the future is full of possibilities. 



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