Sold Out Jersey Gods #1 Gets A Second Printing This Week

by Jeff

The superhero epic JERSEY GODS by writer Glen Brunswick and artist Dan McDaid returns for a second printing after a stellar sellout just in time for this week’s second issue!

“Dan and I are just thrilled to death with the sell-out,” Brunswick said. “We put our heart and soul into JERSEY GODS. It’s a very personal project. We’re elated to find that so many people are feeling passionate about it as well.”

JERSEY GODS, the story of a superpowered god meeting a small-town girl amidst an apocalyptic battle, gained instant notoriety after its unique blend of superheroics and slice of life situations was featured in mainstream press including CBS Evening News, New York 1, The Courier Post, The Bergen Record and even the front-page of the Star Ledger. The impressive debut resulted in a near-instant sellout at the distribution level, with artists Mike and Laura Allred stepping in for an alternate version of their original cover. This will coincide with the second issue, featuring the fallout of the debut’s shocking battle and the romance JERSEY GODS will be driven by for years to come.

JERSEY GODS #1 2nd Printing (JAN098065) and JERSEY GODS #2 (JAN092396), both 32-page full color comic books for $3.50, will be in stores March 4th, 2009.

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