So Much Morbius, So Little Time

by Matt Tuck

Morbius is on track for a feature film, and 2019 is already shaping up to be a big year for the Living Vampire. Not only is his first appearance still surging, but his first self-titled series is showing signs of life as well.

Morbius-Spider-Man-art So Much Morbius, So Little TimeConsidering it’s Sony we’re talking about, I had my doubts that the Morbius movie would ever see the light of day. After all, over the years they have teased the Silver Sable/Black Cat feature as well as a Sinister Six stand-alone, and neither of those came to fruition. With Disney/Marvel Studios having the film rights to Spider-Man, Sony can’t connect him to their universe, so the concept of a Morbius movie didn’t sound like the best of ideas. Then came the box office success of Venom, and suddenly the sans-Spider-Man universe doesn’t seem too bad anymore.

So far, Jared Leto has been cast in the lead, and it’s been given a 2020 release date. Unless something drastic changes, the Living Vampire will prowl the silver screen next year.

With all this news come escalating prices for a couple of key Morbius issues: Amazing Spider-Man #101 and Morbius the Living Vampire #1. In the comic world, Leto is a polarizing figure after his portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad. However, he’s an A-lister who will generate attention for the movie, and once the trailer hits, these two keys will spike. Here’s the current market report.

ASM-101 So Much Morbius, So Little TimeAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101

It’s no secret that this has been a comic on the move. All last year, it set new record highs, and in some cases it more than doubled in fair market value. Thus far in 2019, it is pushing new boundaries.

All seven grades that have garnered impressive figures. The 9.0 has done especially well with some eye-opening numbers. Go back to 2017 when you could have had one for less than $600. Then last year, it jumped to an FMV of $1,005, and on January 3 it brought $1,280. In fact, it has only sold for under $1k once since June 27.

Likewise, the 8.5 has done wonderfully. In 2017, it averaged $419 before nearly doubling to $759 last year. The most recent sale put those figures to shame with a $1,023 on January 24.

Over the past two years, the 7.0 has more than tripled in value. After averaging $208 in 2017, it sold for $645 on January 25. In fact, of all seven sales only one month into 2019, the cheapest was a 5.0 that brought $301 when it had averaged $112 in 2017.

Morbius-1-195x300 So Much Morbius, So Little TimeMORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1

It may not be enough to create a rush for Morbius #1, but this issue has been on the way up in the past year.

While few graded copies have been sold on eBay, the two highest grades have been doing well. First, the 9.8 has jumped by nearly 50% in the last 90 days; last year, it had an FMV of $54, but in November one sold for $75. The 9.6 doesn’t have numbers like the 9.8, but it has been rising. In 2017, it brought only $15, which wouldn’t have even covered the CGC grading fees. Then last year, it tripled to an FMV of $45.

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