Snyder Cut to Set the Stage for New Gods & Justice League?

by Matt Tuck

Snyder-Cut-art-300x169 Snyder Cut to Set the Stage for New Gods & Justice League?The Justice League: Snyder Cut is the talk of the town, but don’t think this was a random decision brought about by demanding fans. My theory is there are bigger implications for the DCEU at work.

Snyder Finally Announced

The internet is aflutter with talk of the Zack Snyder Cut. After hearing rumors that it did indeed exist and that it was a much different, much darker version of the mess that was the 2017 Justice League movie, Time Warner has committed to bringing it to the masses. It’s anticipated for a 2021 release on the HBO Max streaming platform, and Snyder has already confirmed Darkseid will make the final cut this time.

Darkseid-image-300x127 Snyder Cut to Set the Stage for New Gods & Justice League?It’s been three years since the Justice League movie universally disappointed fans. Up until the big announcement, it seemed Time Warner was content to let the Snyder Cut collect dust. It was well documented that Snyder had included Darkseid, whose first made an appearance in Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #134, in his initial take on the movie. After his exit from the film’s production, Avengers director Joss Wheddon was brought on board, and he removed Darkseid in favor of Steppenwolf. Now it seems that the “God of Evil” will finally make his live-action debut.

And the people rejoiced.

But why the sudden change of heart from Time Warner? I think there are two parts to this equation: HBO Max and the New Gods.

HBO-Max-logo-300x151 Snyder Cut to Set the Stage for New Gods & Justice League?The most obvious reason is exposure for HBO Max. Just days before the app was launched, the news broke about the Snyder Cut. Announcing that it would be exclusively on HBO Max gave fans a big reason to want to give the new platform a try. Sure, it will be 2021 before the new edition of Justice League sees the light of day, but it’s got HBO Max and the DCEU in many headlines only days before the platform’s launch. It’s a marketing strategy worthy of Apokolips.

Snyder Cut & New Gods?

The other piece that no one is mentioning is the anticipated New Gods movie. With all the talk about the MCU’s Eternals, DC seemingly fired back last year by announcing that Jack Kirby’s Fourth World was being adapted for the silver screen. Comic veteran Tom King and director Ava DuVernay were tasked with New Gods, and it was previously reported that Darkseid and his Furies would appear in that film. It wasn’t clear in what capacity we’d see Darkseid, but he at least wouldn’t be left on the cutting room floor.

New-Gods-art-300x225 Snyder Cut to Set the Stage for New Gods & Justice League?Since last fall, there hasn’t been much talk about the New Gods. It appears the movie is still in the works despite not having an official release date. DuVernay has said that she and King are still working on the script, but that seems to be the extent of it at this time. More importantly, do fans even care? Enter: the Snyder cut.

The biggest news about Snyder’s version of the Justice League is that Darkseid will be integral to the plot. That will set the stage for the introduction of Kirby’s Fourth World and its host of characters. Up to this point, fans haven’t been enthusiastic about New Gods. That could very well change. Just the idea of the Snyder Cut featuring Darkseid’s live-action debut has turned the internet upside down. If it’s a hit, then interest in exploring the Fourth World will skyrocket, and I predict New Gods will be put on the fast track.

Final Thoughts

Batman-v-Darkseid-300x229 Snyder Cut to Set the Stage for New Gods & Justice League?There’s a bigger picture with Snyder’s Justice League. There are rumblings that Time Warner and AT&T executives want Ben Affleck brought back as Batman. What could this mean? The Batman had started filming before the COVID-19 shutdown. Why would high-level executives reportedly want Affleck with another movie already being produced?

Before Justice League‘s theatrical release, there was talk of a sequel being planned. After JL bombed so significantly that it nearly killed the DCEU, JL 2 was scrapped for good reason. Could the Affleck millings point to a possible rekindling of the JL sequel with Snyder at the helm? It all hinges on the success of the Justice League HBO Max gamble.


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Greg Fischer June 2, 2020 - 10:22 am

Snyder single handedly destroyed the DCU, wrecking the heroes I grew up with on Saturday mornings by turning the strongest of them all into a hated monster. The violence and darkness he spews has no business in super hero movies especially when the country is already filled with it. The tide has turned with Wonder Woman and Aquaman so DC should not only close the Snyder door but nail it shut! Will they? Of course not.


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