Sneaky Moves: Finding Great DC Silver Age Value

by Peter Daddone

Silver-300x157 Sneaky Moves: Finding Great DC Silver Age ValueSneaky Moves encompasses A LOT of different notions.  It’s not just about movement up or down the charts.  Sometimes YOU can be the sneaky moves.  Be sneaky, start scooping up DC Silver Age!

Scoop Up DC Silver Age While Everyone is Shopping Marvel

batgirl-206x300 Sneaky Moves: Finding Great DC Silver Age ValueThere are great posts on GoCollect that discuss the long run of dominance and the firm grip that Marvel has on the Silver Age top 1001.  Now is the time for you to be sneaky and take advantage of that.  While everyone is going gaga over Marvel SA, it is time to start buying high-grade DC Silver age.

Scrolling through the first 300 spots on the Silver Age top 1001, I came across 19 DC Silver Age comics.  That’s 19 out of 300, just north of 5%.  You have to go down to #47 before you see your first DC comic and it is a major key, Detective Comics #359.  It boggles the mind.  With all the DC superheroes in the Silver Age, there are only 19 issues in the top 300.  That is going to change.  So, focus on DC Silver Age while everyone else clobbers each other over Marvel!

Although some DC major keys are down in some grades as much as 35% while many Marvel Silver Age issues are trending up well over 35%, it’s important to note that some grades within an issue are pacing in the positive and pacing with other Silver Age comics in general. Find comics in grade tiers that are trending down, and make offers on them for 10-20% under their current sales.  Now, you could be looking at a 50% increase in the comic within a year.  

Take a Four-Step Approach When Purchasing DC Silver Age

Atom-10-e1618595546935-211x300 Sneaky Moves: Finding Great DC Silver Age Value

 I’m eyeing DC small keys and high-grade general issues. My target example for this blog is Atom #10.  The issue is down almost universally in every grade.  I will target the 8.5 tier as we go through the process.

Take this sneaky approach.  Find higher grade comics and make offers for 70% of the buy-it-now price to see what happens, or bid on the item at 80% of GoCollect’s last price point at the 8.5 tier.  Either approach is sound.  There are so many people competing with each other for Marvel Silver Age comics, that it is very possible that there are some higher graded, Silver Age, DC comics that have been sitting at their asking price for several weeks or a month.  If that is the case, the seller may be willing to take the offered price and move on.

Don’t Forget to Use Your GoCollect Research!

go-collect-2 Sneaky Moves: Finding Great DC Silver Age Value

Next, do your research.  Pick 5-10 comics to target.  Stick with those comics.  If you don’t, you may find yourself getting confused or putting in offers for more comics than you can handle.

An important step is to log onto GoCollect and look up each of your target comics.  Go to the analyzer tab for each comic.  Enter the important data on the trending sales for the grades you are targeting.  Then, formulate a VERY narrow price range.  Now you are ready to go to the auction houses and selling services that you normally buy comics from and make your bids and offers within that NARROW price range.  Remember, the important thing is to create that narrow price range PRIOR to making bids and offers.  Your goal is to see your investments increase.

Keep an eye on those “buyer’s premiums!”  There is nothing more frustrating than when I forget about those buyer premiums.  I think I got a great deal, then the invoice comes in, and I pull a Homer, smack my head, and say “Doh”!

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