Sneaky Moves: Are King Comics Getting Ready To Rule The Charts?

by Peter Daddone

052521B-300x157 Sneaky Moves: Are King Comics Getting Ready To Rule The Charts?With distribution issues throughout King Features’ time producing comics, many comics being recycled to keep families warm during WWII, and the passage of time, the first 100 issues of King Comics do not have many issues graded.  So, is it time for King Comics to make some sneaky moves and rule over the Golden Age Charts?

Iconic Comic Characters = Interest

king-comics-b-e1621695750307-211x300 Sneaky Moves: Are King Comics Getting Ready To Rule The Charts?What do Popeye, Phantom, Flash Gordon, Blondie, and the Lone Ranger have in common?  They were part of a HUGE staple of characters in daily and weekly comic strips owned by King Features Syndicates.  Run by King Features Syndicates, the comic strips later appeared in comic books.  King Comics ran for 159 issues from 1936-1952.

Golden Age KCs checks many of my sneaky moves boxes.  The series has great and distinctive covers, iconic characters, groups that collect the series, and scarcity. 

With the exception of the first three issues in the series, none of the subsequent issues have more than ten copies graded by CGC.  THAT is an excellent indication that this is a serious sneaky moves contender series!

Could Character Fatigue Be A Contributing Factor In Sales?

king-comics-e-e1621696149462-218x300 Sneaky Moves: Are King Comics Getting Ready To Rule The Charts?King Features’ attempts to publish their own characters into comic books never really had the kind of success they hoped for.  Just before, during, and just after World War II, they ran into distribution and supply issues; which might partially explain why there are so few copies in the CGC census. 

Later, during the Bronze age, they initially produced comics without the Comics Code Authority seal.  As a result distributors refused to take any King Comics.  Later, KCs got their seal and distribution picked up.

Many of their characters are well known throughout the world, but many of the characters in King Comics suffered through character fatigue, poor movie reception, lack of fresh content, or all of the above.  King Comics is a collage of already published comic strips.  That may be a big reason why these comics do not get the attention they deserve from investors and collectors, but they should!

Introducing the Characters and Comics To Modern Collectors

king-comics-f-e1621696378862-228x300 Sneaky Moves: Are King Comics Getting Ready To Rule The Charts?A book celebrating the centennial of many of these characters and the company that produced them is available. King Comics: One Hundred Years of King Features Syndicate re-introduced many of these characters to the modern collector.  Plus, it is just a matter of time before we get a series of movies from these characters.

You might not be “sneaky” anymore when you pick up issues from this series.  Two comics have already rocketed up the Golden Age charts.  King Comics #58 is up 865 spots to number 134 and King Comics #59 is up 862 spots to 137.  Three recent sales of issue #58 sold this year.  A 3.5 for $110, a 6.5 for $156, an 8.5 for $264.  However, the most recent sale, issue #59 8.0 sold for $330.  King Comics are heating up and even low-graded samples can sell for over $100.

King Comics Is A Classic Golden Age Bargains Out There!

king-comics-c-e1621696621692-214x300 Sneaky Moves: Are King Comics Getting Ready To Rule The Charts?King Comics has everything I am looking for in a sneaky move pick-up.  I like the price range of raw, ungraded copies.  I like the scarcity scale.  I like the early Golden Age pick-up potential. 

I like the distinctive covers and iconic comic book characters.  Although the most recent sale of #59 shows a nearly 33% jump from a sale of another copy, issue #58 in just a month, it is still an exceptional investment price considering the issue sold is a 1941 8.0!

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Aaron June 14, 2021 - 10:15 pm

There’s lots of room for movement but KC will always be slower to appreciate. it would help if the characters still had modern comic life. That being said they are at a price that allows for a good long game investment.

Peter Daddone June 21, 2021 - 3:50 pm

Hi Aaron. I agree! What makes it a long game investment is that some of those characters COULD attain a modern comic life!


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