Sneaky Moves #6 Strong Run of Bob Hope Comics?

by Peter Daddone

Sneaky-Moves-6-300x157 Sneaky Moves #6 Strong Run of Bob Hope Comics? “I’ve always been in the right place and time. Of course, I steered myself there.” Bob Hope’s quote can certainly apply to comic collecting and speculation!  Sneaky Moves #6 reminds me a lot of Regie’s great episode “Who’s buying these?”  Bob Hope is all over the place in the Silver Age Comics Chart.  There are eight issues with movement between 400 to 800 spots on the chart this week.  Can we possibly “Hope” for a strong sales run from this series?

What are the Prospects for Long-Term Value?

bob-hope-5-208x300 Sneaky Moves #6 Strong Run of Bob Hope Comics?The Adventures of Bob Hope from DC Comics ran from 1950-1968; which is a good chunk of the Golden Age era and just about all of the Silver Age eras.  The long-lasting run and more importantly the time-period of that run suggests that the prospects are good for a long-term, consistent climb in value.  The series is on a sustained sneaky moves run.  With a whopping EIGHT issues in the top 300, The Adventures of Bob Hope is moving quickly from sneaky moves to on-fire!

Increases of 700 spots or more for 7 of the 8 issues represents a nice jump.  The issues making the jump are all within the first 75 issues in the series with a concentration between issue #’s 37-71.  However, since there are 109 issues in the series, it is safe to say that ANY issue in the series can continue to increase in collectivity, value, and speculation.

Adventures of Bob Hope #7 is a great example of what to look for when jumping into this series.  Like many of the Bob Hope comics in this series, the issue focuses on a funny act or small piece of wit that Bob Hope was noted for throughout his Hollywood career.  Many of the Bob Hope series comics also had great backgrounds that enhanced the humor.  In this issue, the three different characters in the foreground really drive home the humor.

Another reason why the Bob Hope series may be seeing increased interest and activity is that they represent a diversion, both in the past, when the issues were released, and current events.  Many sobering historical events occurred during the run of this series and as we all fight through the Pandemic, we could all use a little laugh and virtually all of the Bob Hope series covers have a one-liner that brings a chuckle!

bob-hope-4-2-209x300 Sneaky Moves #6 Strong Run of Bob Hope Comics?Information that May Help Drive Interest

Neal Adams.  Throw his name out there, and “Respect” “Icon” immediately comes to mind.  A little-known fact is that Neal Adams worked on the last issues of the Adventures of Bob Hope series.  I’m not sure about blindly purchasing Adventures of Bob Hope #108 just because Neal Adams is the artist.  Ok. maybe I am on eBay right now placing a bid, but that is beside the point!  GoCollect lists only four sales of this comic!

Anyway, an interesting piece of the Bob Hope comic series fabric is that it has some notable artists.  Bob Oksner is another notable artist whose work is all over this series. So, scarcity, a run through the Golden and Silver Ages, and notable artists all add up.  Savvy investors have locked in on this series for a long while.  Sneaky moves this week are indicating that more of the comic collective are enjoying this series!

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