Sneaky Moves #3: Is Iron Man an Iron-Clad Investment?

by Peter Daddone

iron-man-100-195x300 Sneaky Moves #3: Is Iron Man an Iron-Clad Investment?Since his debut in the MCU, Iron Man has been a featured character for more than ten years.  Marvel’s Iron Man first series has had some roller-coaster movement throughout that run, but with more than 8 issues in the series trending in the Monthly Bronze Age list, it is time to consider if Iron Man is an iron-clad investment.





Non-Keys Leading the Way!

iron-man-102-201x300 Sneaky Moves #3: Is Iron Man an Iron-Clad Investment?Iron Man has been climbing up the Bronze Age charts for a few months now and like the previously reported on sneaky, under-the-radar moves of Sub-Mariner, many of the issues on the move are NOT key issues.  The biggest mover this month is Iron Man #102.  it does have a nice George Perez cover and features a unique Story (Iron Man and Frankenstein battling the DreadKnight).  However, it is not a Bronze Age Key.   Yet, this title is on the rise, moving up nearly 700 spots to #102 on the Bronze Age Monthly list.  According to GoCollect, in December Iron Man #102  saw significant increases in the 9.8 tier and a 9.6 sale in December increased 35% from the previous sale.

Another indication that Iron Man‘s sneaky moves up the Bronze Age list may indicate long term growth and interest in the series is the sheer number of issues from this title on the Bronze Age list.  Eight issues saw movement in the top 600 spots on the Bronze Age chart.  Issues #42, #50, #53, #62, and #68 saw the biggest jumps of between 350 and 500 points on the chart.   Remember, the Sneaky Moves posts do not factor in strong keys that consistently attract investors and collectors.  Notice the eight issues on the move do not include blockbuster issues like #55 and #128.

Other Issues in the Series to Keep an Eye On!

iron-man-45-212x300 Sneaky Moves #3: Is Iron Man an Iron-Clad Investment?There are many issues in the series to fall in love with for your personal collection or to invest.  Iron Man #45 features the first battle between Iron Man and the Guardsman.  It is also part of that panel cover craze Marvel had a brief love affair with back in 1972.  The teal color background is a bit unique and really pops on high-grade copies.  It is also very hard to find high-grade copies without spine ticks because of the cover design.  IM #45 shows up with only 41 sales in its graded history. This increases the attraction of the issue.

Iron Man #100 is one of my favorite covers!  So, naturally, it earns a spot in my personal issues to own!  Iron Man is just standing there with a 1,000-pound steel beam over his head and snapping it in half.  So nonchalant!  I’m practicing the move at home…with Styrofoam.   IM #100 shows increasing activity.  There are over a dozen sales in the past few months.  You still may be able to get a CGC 9.6 for under $100 though!  That is a great price for a milestone issue with a fantastic cover!

Iron Man is all over the Bronze Age chart.  With some sneaky moves over the past few months, it is time to take a long look at the series.  Many of the issues of the first ten years of this run can be considered sneaky and smart pick-ups on your part!

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