Sneaky Moves #2: Is Sub-Mariner Ready to Surface?

by Peter Daddone

Sub-Mariner-1-199x300 Sneaky Moves #2: Is Sub-Mariner Ready to Surface?Sub-Mariner #1 is a Silver Age Key comic.  Everyone will seek a prime copy of this issue.  This post is not going to add to the well-established hype of this comic.  No, the post title looks at under the radar comics.  Lately,  I’ve seen some interesting Sub-Mariner comics from this series make some movement on the GoCollect’s monthly Bronze Age charts. So, is Sub-Mariner ready to rise to the surface from the depths of comic book speculation?



Ready to Soar? Sub-Mariner Comics On the Rise Are Not Keys!

submariner-14-1 Sneaky Moves #2: Is Sub-Mariner Ready to Surface?Two Sub-Mariner comics rise nearly 500 spots up the weekly charts, Submariner #14 and Submariner Annual #1.  Both of these comics have amazing covers, great storylines, BUT they are not key comics.  Because they are not key comics, and they have risen so much, might indicate possible moves of other issues in the series on the horizon.  Still skeptical?  Do you need more proof?  Ok!  You asked for it!  Moving over to the Bronze Age monthly chart, there were five issues moving up nearly 600 spots on last month’s chart.  They include issues #27, #44, #58, and #59.  Again, these are not key issues in the series.  Sub-Mariner’s invasion of the Bronze Age charts continues this month.  A whopping 11 issues appear in the top 500 spots on the Bronze Age Charts; more than twice as many as the previous month!  With the movement of more than 500 spots in many cases, the indications are that Sub-Mariner may be a regular visitor with multiple issues on the Bronze Age chart.

Even though collectors have long zeroed in on this series, this title may not be a sneaky, under the radar, comic series much longer with speculators.  This is the sneaky movement of the month.  Sub-Mariner moved up just enough to catch my attention last month, but not enough to be a featured top 5 mover in the Bronze Age for the month. So… with such continued movement this month, it is time to start looking for Sub-Mariner comics!

Non-Sub-Mariner Keys Worth Picking Up!

sub-mariner-35-1 Sneaky Moves #2: Is Sub-Mariner Ready to Surface?Looking at the entire Sub-Mariner catalog, there are many issues to like.  I like the entire run from issue number 51-56.  They have great covers and stories, but the run also features those panel covers from the early 70’s Marvel did on all their comics.  Sooo hard to find edges without spine ticks in that run! What I also like about the run of issues 51-56 is the story that runs throughout those issues.  With characters like Dragon Lord, Sunfire, Namorita, Byrrah Betty Dean, and the Badoon, this could be a story-line that the MCU embraces.  Hard to find high grade, a laundry list of key characters to Namor, and a story long enough to garner an MCU movie onto itself equals sneaky high-value possibilities!

Looking for a REALLY GREAT Sub-Mariner comic to go all-in on?  I REALLY like Sub-Mariner #34 & #35.  The issues represent a two-issue story arc that becomes a prelude to the formation of Defenders.  The Defenders form during these two issues and the team partially debuts HERE!  Plus, you get Silver Surfer and a few Avengers thrown in the mix!  Sub-Mariner #35, graded in the 9.0 or 9.2 tier are selling between the $140-160 range.  According to GoCollect, issues in those grading tiers have not moved much in the past year or two.  Considering how often prices are breaking records, that’s prototypical under the radar pick that can really jump!

Sub-Mariner’s first series has strong short and long-term value.  With some non-key issues making significant movement, it might be time to pick up any of the first fifty issues in this series in the high-grade form!

Want more comic speculation? Check out our YouTube series!

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Ewan Thomas January 21, 2021 - 8:01 pm

Namor the Submariner is a consistently good series to read. Many over-looked comics, that although not major keys can be labelled as minor keys. I am in complete agreement with Submariner #34 & #35. They actually constitute the 1st 2 true appearances of the Defenders. Submariner #22 qualifies in essence as a very loose prelude to the gathering of the defenders. I can also see #37 increasing in price due to the death of the Lady Dorma occurring in this issue.

Peter Daddone January 24, 2021 - 2:19 pm

Nice addition of Sub-Mariner #22 Ewan! Could be a major key if something like that plays out in the MCU!

joey January 23, 2021 - 2:33 am

I agree Submariner #14 is underappreciated. For fans of classic battles, like Hulk vs Wolverine, Hulk vs Thing, etc… Submariner vs Human Torch should be right up there. Not only it’s got classic battle, it’s also got a great battle cover and that’s important for display purposes for those who like to slab their books.

Peter Daddone January 24, 2021 - 2:17 pm

Some great Bronze Age Covers belong to the Sub-Mariner series for sure!


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