Snapping Up Minor Key Issues During a Bear Market

by Don

020623B-1024x536 Snapping Up Minor Key Issues During a Bear MarketAs I’ve written in other blogs, I wouldn’t say we’re in a buyer’s market for blue chip key issues. While prices have dropped for blue chip key issues, many of those prices remain 2x above where they were before the infamous comic boom of 2021. In my opinion, they still have further to fall. On the other hand, I do see some buyers getting great deals for Copper and Modern Age key issues through auctions hosted by eBay. Let’s take a look at some of those deals.

A CGC 9.6 Fantastic Four #353 Sold for $40 on November 28th.

Screenshot-2023-01-11-at-9.59.00-PM-560x1024 Snapping Up Minor Key Issues During a Bear Market

Let me start by saying that I’m not in love with this book. Owen Wilson did a GREAT job portraying Mobius M. Mobius in Loki, likely the most popular Disney+ Marvel series. We know he’s returning for a highly anticipated season two. But no matter how great a job Owen has done and will continue to do, I’ll just never care that much about Mobius as a character.

That being said, I’d buy this book for $40. What a great deal. $40 would barely cover the shipping and CGC grading costs. This isn’t a book I’d be able to flip quickly, but at this price point, it’s a low-risk investment that I would happily add to my collection for the long term. I’m adding it to my eBay auction watch list.

While there are currently 220 9.8s on the CGC Census, a 9.6 isn’t too bad for this Copper Age book.

A CGC 9.6 Marvel Point One #1 Sold for $25 on December 31st.

Screenshot-2023-01-11-at-9.29.58-PM-1-624x1024 Snapping Up Minor Key Issues During a Bear Market

About two years ago, when rumors of a potential Nova series began to circulate, many investors asked which Nova would we see? Richard Ryder or Sam Alexander? Although Marvel hasn’t officially answered that question, most collectors have chosen to park their money in Richard Ryder’s first appearance in Nova #1. Meanwhile, Sam Alexander’s first appearance in Marvel Point One #1 has taken a serious hit especially at a 9.6 grade. In fact, back in December, someone purchased a CGC 9.6 for a mere $25 during an auction on eBay. That amount wouldn’t even cover the shipping and grading costs. The buyer basically got the book for free. And remember, just eighteen months ago, someone bought a 9.6 for $175.

This book also has additional value because it has the first appearance of Defender Strange, the variant of Doctor Strange that appears in Multiverse of Madness.

At this price point, I’m in. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for similar buying opportunities.

A CGC 9.6 Thor #617 Sold for $23 on November 28th.

Screen-Shot-2023-01-29-at-5.03.49-PM Snapping Up Minor Key Issues During a Bear Market

Again, not the most exciting book and not a blue chip key, but $23? $23 wouldn’t even cover the costs of the grading and shipping of this book to CGC. The buyer basically got a NM copy of a minor key issue for free. And we’re going to see Kid Loki again who first appeared in the MCU in Loki. Loki was such a hit among fans that it’s the only MCU Disney+ show that is confirmed to have a second season. In addition, we’ll likely see Kid Loki in a Young Avengers movie or TV show.

Would you buy any of these issues at these prices? What books are you on the lookout for? Please let us know in the comments section below!

000052721D-1-Footer Snapping Up Minor Key Issues During a Bear Market*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Kenloi February 7, 2023 - 4:41 am

These sorts of prices for cgc slabs are good news for new young collectors to build a collection and continue the hobby down the line.As these books will grow in price with age….

rmagnum8 February 8, 2023 - 8:57 pm

Awesome Article & your POV’s make total sense intros Bear market. Please, SAY MORE!!! -Do1lar!!

Sean February 9, 2023 - 12:45 pm

Who has $40 to blow on a common comic book that’s CGC graded? I’m sure 9.6 is not very hard to find for a common issue from a time when print runs for comics were high. You could buy multiple copies of Fantastic Four #353 for the same price and get a copy that’s just as nice. CGC is a big waste of money. It’s for people who don’t know how to grade comics and need assurance that they actually bought a 9.6. Yes, CGC is good for vintage high value comics, but for the vast majority of comics that are worth under $50 ungraded, CGC is a totally unnecessary service that is an impractical waste of money. Better to put the $40 towards the besf copies of comics you enjoy and not buy CGC graded comics.


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