Small Press Idol 2009

by Jeff

Idol08sm Small Press Idol 2009Small Press Idol is the greatest amateur’s contest in comics, now in our sixth year! Mixing a bit of American Idol with a bit of The Apprentice, and a bunch of our own special social experiment elements. Round 1 is now in full swing, with new projects posting daily. Comic readers interested in the best new projects in comics can check out the pitches and judges comments as they roll in. The round is open to new projects through March 20th. Each new project raises the grand prize pool, which is already up to $420!! This contest is not for everyone… but it will be fun, and, for those that participate, it will challenge you to be the best you can be. If you survive round 1, your work WILL BE PUBLISHED! This year: We have national store distribution – Haven Distribution is an official sponsor! It’s our biggest year ever!

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