Sloane Leong’s PRISM STALKER VOLUME 1 TP collects issues #1-5

by Jeff

JUN180075 Sloane Leong's PRISM STALKER VOLUME 1 TP collects issues #1-5Media Release — Sloane Leong (FROM UNDER MOUNTAINS, A Map to the Sun) will release a trade paperback collection of the first five issues of her vivid, psychedelic sci-fi series PRISM STALKER this September.

Far from the border of colonized space, a newly discovered planet teems violently with strange psychic life and puzzling telekinetic ecology. Indentured refugee Vep is taken by a private military firm to assist in settling this new world. What awaits her there will test the limits of her will as she grapples with the strange power the planet exerts over her…

PRISM STALKER, VOL. 1 (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0828-2, Diamond code: JUN180075) hits comics shops on Wednesday, September 5th and bookstores on Tuesday, September 11th. It can be preordered via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indiebound, and Indigo.

Select praise for PRISM STALKER:

“Like Sailor Moon on acid.” —Vice

“Weird, beautiful, and bursting with ideas, PRISM STALKER is modern science fiction with much to say and an incredibly exciting way of saying it.”
—Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked + the Divine)

“Overflowing with imagination, balanced with a high level of craft and storytelling expertise that makes every choice confident and specific.” —AV Club

“PRISM STALKER is such a vibrant and brilliant journey through life and loss. Sloane’s handle on fantastic imagery and nuanced emotion explodes off the page.” —Leslie Hung (Snotgirl)

“Complex, challenging and alien, PRISM STALKER is a comic that reads unlike almost anything else out there, but feels so in tune with what’s happening in the world that it’s almost unsettling.” —The Hollywood Reporter

“Sloane’s eye for sci-fi/fantasy is unlike anything else out there; PRISM STALKER is a unique, gripping, and vivid must-read that breaks the comics mold in a much-needed way.” —Iasmin Omar Ata (Mis(h)adra)

“Sloane Leong speaks with one of the most exciting and fresh new voices in comics. PRISM STALKER is a bold declaration.” —Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals)

“Sloane’s PRISM STALKER beautifully shows a distant future as both deeply alien and relatable. I love this book. It’s fantastic and personal science fiction.”
—Brandon Graham (King City)

“PRISM STALKER unfolds slowly and carefully like a delicate piece of paper, but here, the paper is not of any ordinary design; instead, this work by writer and artist Sloane Leong is a remarkable piece of origami where every facet is a different shade, every fold some intrepid experiment in color.” —The Oregonian

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