Sleeper Slabs Part Deux!

by Ariel Lazo

woman-sleeping-with-alarm-waking-up-pop-art-comic-vector-13726176-e1574700164915-300x300 Sleeper Slabs Part Deux!Welcome back to another edition of Sleeper Slabs! Since this is only the second one, I will explain the purpose of this post. With all of the new shows and movies being announced, many collectors are focusing their sights on trending key books. With people mostly looking at those books they forget about prior keys, which means…NO ONE IS LOOKING AT THESE KEYS meaning great books, at cheap prices!

For example, when the Fantastic Four (2015) movie came out and completely failed, their key books dropped. Like the predator I am, I pounced on eBay searching for juicy prey, and what did I find? Fantastic Four #49, FOR LESS THAN THE ISSUE NUMBER! Currently, this book’s value is $190 as a 1.0 CGC. I risked not pressing it due to being a little brittle (possibly stupid move) but still made an excellent investment because no one was looking.

While everyone is jumping on Young Avengers, Secret Wars, and X-Men keys, I want to give you the same thrill I had scoring that FF #49 by showing you some books that have slipped under the radar.


720038_thanos-13-198x300 Sleeper Slabs Part Deux!Thanos #13

First appearance of the Cosmic Ghost Rider! Just like the other books below, this was a must buy. Everyone was talking about the Cosmic Ghost Rider and Donny Cates became King. At its peak, a 9.8 sold for $375 with a low of the same grade sold for $160. Currently, a 9.8 sits at an FMV of $260, not cheap, but less than $375. A 9.8 signed by the legend himself Stan Lee, sold for a whopping $750 last year!


Teen Titans #12teen_titans_metal_12-195x300 Sleeper Slabs Part Deux!

Perfectly described as a hybrid of Batman and Joker, The Batman Who Laughs makes his first full appearance. Coming from the Dark Multiverse and member of the Dark Knights, this character has spawned dozens of spin-offs. Soon each member of the Justice League had a dark counterpart pinning them against each other. At it’s highest, it sold for $453 for a 9.8, with a low of $255 for the same. Currently, it is sitting at $350 for a 9.8. That’s $100 more someone else paid and you can now save.


737580_batman-damned-1-234x300 Sleeper Slabs Part Deux!Batman Damned #1

The premiere issue of DC’s Black Label featuring none other than the Bat Wang! Batman Damned was sold out before it even hit the shelves! CGC was receiving boxes after boxes from people wanting to grade this gem ASAP. At it’s highest this book sold for $129 for a 9.8, with a low of $30. Currently, it is sitting comfy at $90 FMV. The ones graded at a 9.8 would’ve been valued higher if it wasn’t for the 360 books graded at a perfect 10. This is the bad part of making square-bound books, they maintain better shape allowing them to grade higher. Having so many graded with the legendary perfect 10 makes those higher in demand, causing a decent gap. Raw you can find this book for $50 or below, and it is worth getting just to own it.


Edge of Spider-Verse #2665943_edge-of-spider-verse-2-197x300 Sleeper Slabs Part Deux!

Look I might catch some flak for this but… Gwen Stacy is waaaay better than Mary Jane! Many love MJ but my favorite has been and will always be Gwen Stacy. In this issue, she becomes Spider-Woman a.k.a. Spider-Gwen. This book saw a huge demand right away (see told you better than MJ) and people took to eBay hiking those prices sky-high. At one point this book sold for $500 at a 9.8, hitting a low of $300. Currently, it is sitting at an FMV of $425 for a 9.8. This one is a tough one because she does have room to grow, especially with the rumors of a Spider-Women spin-off movie. If you own it, keep it, if not grab it only if you can get a great deal.


The comic market is seeing some fluctuations, but if you keep a keen eye on what is being sold you can get a step above the competition. Using tools like the analyzer here on GoCollect will help you see any trends in sales, so you can grab the best price.

Till next time… Happy Hunting!


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