Sleeper Picks: Gargoyles

by Matt Tuck

Gargoyles-300x170 Sleeper Picks: GargoylesBoth the 1995 and 2006 Gargoyles #1 have been quietly gaining momentum, and they could pay dividends if a Disney+ reboot is in order.

It’s All About Nostalgia

It only lasted two years, but Gargoyles is one of the most cherished cartoons from the 1990s. Like Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles was ahead of its time, delving into mature themes with an emotional depth uncharacteristic for a kids’ show of that era. That maturity was particularly surprising, considering it aired on the Disney Channel. 

For years, Gargoyles was generally forgotten by mainstream audiences. Over the past decade, there has been a growing fan base nostalgic for the series, and there is an increasingly louder fan voice demanding a return.

One of those fans happens to be Jordan Peele, the writer/director widely responsible for the current horror resurgence in films and television. Back in 2018, Peele was rumored to have been pushing to direct a Gargoyles live-action movie, but that has apparently gone nowhere.

Will we see Gargoyles return either in an animated reboot or in a feature film? As the fan movement grows, Disney won’t be able to ignore the property forever. Given the pandemic’s impact on movie theaters and Disney’s focus on its streaming service, it could soon be the Gargoyles’ moment to awaken from their stone slumber.

It seems inevitable that the Gargoyles will get a reboot in some fashion, and that will make their appearances in the comics world a prime target for collectors and speculators alike.

Gargoyles-1-194x300 Sleeper Picks: GargoylesGARGOYLES #1 (1995)

Once upon a time, collectors were not interested in non-comic characters’ first appearances. These days, any and all first appearances are collectors’ gold. In the case of Gargoyles #1, this has become increasingly hotter.

Back in 2018, a 9.8 direct edition did not sell for more than $93, which was a record high at the time. Once the whispers of a live-action reboot began making the internet rounds, collectors put more of a premium on this issue. By 2019, it sold for as much as $153, and it averaged $132. In recent weeks, it has blown past those figures by leaps and bounds. 

Beginning on November 11, those 9.8s were pushing into $300 territory. Then on November 18, one sold for a record-high $450. That has seen it amass a $203 fair market value over the past 90 days. 

Gargoyles-1-2006-196x300 Sleeper Picks: GargoylesGARGOYLES #1 (2006)

Ten years after the animated series went off the air, Slave Labor picked up the publishing rights to Gargoyles. Reportedly, there were just over 7,500 copies ordered by retailers, which makes this another comic that is relatively hard to find. That has helped Gargoyles #1 (2006) haul in serious figures in recent years, and it needs to be on your radar.

Since its 2006 release, each year has seen just one graded 9.8 swap owners on the auction sites up until 2020. Last year, those two copies earned a record-high $340 on April 25 and $240 on November 19. That gives it sales figures comparable to 1995’s Gargoyles #1. 


Gargoyles-8-2006-195x300 Sleeper Picks: GargoylesGARGOYLES #8 (2006)

After just eight issues, the Slave Labor published series came to an end with Gargoyles #8 (2006.)

On the plus side, that becomes a boon for collectors. This final issue of the 2006 series has a low print run and is hard to find. In fact, there are no graded sales on record, and the only sale on eBay was in October for $39.99.  

Gargoyles-10-196x300 Sleeper Picks: GargoylesGARGOYLES #10 (1995)

Key Collector Comics has this listed as a scarce comic. If a Gargoyles reboot finally sees the light of day (or night, as it were), all things Gargoyles will warrant a closer look. With this issue being in limited supply, it should get a boost from the ensuing hysteria. 

At the moment, there is no sales data for a graded Gargoyles #10, but that just means prices for “raw” copies are much more reasonable. Upon searching the eBay sold listings, you can add a copy to your collection for about $15. 


Until Disney makes an announcement, nothing is certain about the Gargoyles’ future, but things look bright. Since being added to Disney+, the cartoon series has gained a larger following, and you can rest assured that Disney executives are taking notice. I foresee a reboot, whether it is live-action or animated, will eventually come to fruition.

Want more comic speculation? Check out our YouTube series!

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Fan January 19, 2021 - 9:23 am

There’s a podcast about Gargoyles that I enjoy, and it’s very actually titled “Nostalgia+”.

dave stevens January 21, 2021 - 2:59 am

Gargoyles 11 is easily the best of the bunch. Why did you neglect to mention it?

Matt Tuck January 27, 2021 - 6:50 pm

To be honest, I was not aware of #11. What is significant about it?


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