Sleeper Pick: Secret Wars II #3

by Matt Tuck

Secret-Wars-II-3-200x300 Sleeper Pick: Secret Wars II #3Could a forgotten ‘80s villain be the next big thing in the MCU? Time to dust off your long boxes, and search for Secret Wars II #3.


Those 1984-85 Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars comics have been getting more love from collectors this year. The boost could be coming from a rumor inadvertently started by the Russo brothers after the duo said they would be interested in returning to the MCU to direct a Secret Wars movie.

While nothing has been said about Secret Wars since then, it left lingering speculation. That has been enough to make those SW comics more collectible, and it extends past the first series. 

Beyonder-art-215x300 Sleeper Pick: Secret Wars II #3THE BEYONDER AND THE MCU

What if Secret Wars does come to the MCU? Could we see the Beyonder in live-action? The thing is, this could be in the works already. 

The Beyonder is the living entity of an entire multiverse appropriately named the Beyond. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on the way, the multiverse will be firmly established in the MCU, and there is a distinct possibility that we will see the Beyond in that movie. 

Even if the Beyonder is not included in the Doctor Strange sequel, a mention of the Beyond or even an Easter egg would be enough to propel the Beyonder’s keys to new heights. 

With that in mind, here is your Beyonder checklist.


secret-wars-1-201x300 Sleeper Pick: Secret Wars II #3MARVEL SUPER-HEROES SECRET WARS #1

Technically, this is considered the first appearance of the Beyonder. The trouble is we don’t get an actual look at him. Instead, he appears as a white light and a voice, true to his godlike characterization. 

The values for Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1 in a high grade have been rising quickly. For the past 90 days, the 9.8 has averaged $257, and the most recent sale was for $400 on November 21. Only a year ago, this was a $167 comic. 

If you opt for the 9.6, you can get a beautiful copy for a fraction of the price. Over the last three months, it has averaged $91, which is a bargain compared to those 9.8 prices.

Secret-Wars-II-3-interior-300x283 Sleeper Pick: Secret Wars II #3SECRET WARS II #3

After the success of the original Secret Wars, Marvel’s then-editor in chief Jim Shooter ordered a second round. The storyline was hinged on the mystery of the Beyonder’s identity. By the third issue, readers finally had their first full view of the god in his ever-so-’80s human form. 

For years, Secret Wars II #3 has been an overlooked and undervalued first full appearance. Two years ago, the 9.8 had a fair market value of just $29. With the MCU rumors beginning to percolate, that FMV rose to $61 in 2019. There have been nine 9.8s sold so far in 2020, and one drew a record-high $125 in April. What should catch your eye even more so is that the past two sales were both for $105. There has not been a sale since September, but this comic has the potential to be a sleeper in 2021.

FF-319-195x300 Sleeper Pick: Secret Wars II #3FANTASTIC FOUR #319

If you are going to put together your Beyonder collection, don’t ignore his origin in Fantastic Four #319. Not only do we get a showdown between Beyonder and Doctor Doom, but the inclusion of the Molecule Man would be the foundation for 2015’s Secret Wars, which is a vastly underrated story that is worth a read. 

Origin stories are not generally major key issues, so it is not surprising that prices for FF #319 are very much affordable. The last graded 9.8 traded hands for $17 in 2017. Earlier this year, a 9.6 brought $33 and a 9.4 went for $37, so there is reason to believe all things Beyonder are gradually heating up.


Will we see the Beyonder on the silver screen or even on Disney+? It seems like a long shot but never say never, especially with the scenarios Multiverse of Madness could present. If Secret Wars is adapted for the MCU, it would make sense for the Beyonder to be the movie’s linchpin. At this point, collecting both of the Secret Wars series is a sound investment, and it is worth the gamble for the possibility of big returns.

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Sleeper Pick: Secret Wars II #3

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