SLAINE: THE HORNED GOD returns after 21 years

by Jeff

mar111233 SLAINE: THE HORNED GOD returns after 21 yearsMedia Release — It’s the comic book that changed comic books forever – exquisite painted artwork and imaginative characters creating a breathtaking showcase of the new direction of adult storytelling in comics.

Twenty-one years ago, Pat Mills and Simon Bisley’s Sláine: The Horned God took the Celtic barbarian in a stunning new direction.

And now this magical, violent classic is blazing its way to the US in a new hard-cover dust-jacket edition – complete with commentary from Mills, and sketches by Bisley.

Shamelessly displaying the potential for full colour painted artwork, The Horned God spawned thousands of imitators and remains one of 2000 AD®’s greatest exports – a sweeping epic that incorporates Celtic mythology with Game of Thrones-style dynastic politics and good old fashioned barbarian violence.

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