Skaar #11 REVIEW

by Jeff

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mar092572d Skaar #11 REVIEW

Skaar #11
Marvel Comics
Pak, Lim & Panosian

As much as I liked the Prologue to Planet Skaar I knew I had to pick this issue up. Though I haven’t followed the Skaar title at all I felt this issue wasn’t going to leave confused. That was partially true. I enjoyed the comic but I did find it to be heavy on items that flew over my head. Whether or not it’s because I haven’t followed the title is anybody’s guess. I liked the issue but not nearly as much as the Prologue. I felt like the Prologue set all the pieces in place while this issue just decompressed Skaar’s steps to his father.

geekgoggle Skaar #11 REVIEW

While the Warbound ponder what has happened to the heartbeat of Skaar they had previously felt, Skaar is now in his alter ego form: a young boy. The boy is met by two other kids. This scene confused me. The kid throws a rock at Skaar’s head and the other kid asks him who he killed. All of this while Skaar is holding a dead coyote. Wouldn’t you assume he killed the coyote? Why would you think he killed people? And why are these kids ragging on a strange dude with a spear, in a diaper with a dead animal? The scene ends with some sort of dream sequence or flashback to when Skaar was taken by Galactus.

The last part of the comic is something that is very familiar with Hulk stories. Skaar brings one of the kids back to civilization for help. People think he is a monster so they react as such and it triggers him to turn into the big greenish-gray guy. The Warbound step in and try to appeal to his heart and soul as they had done with his father. However, Skaar is blinded by anger and then his dad shows up!

The issue is a mixture because as confusing as I found the part with the kids I enjoyed the symbolism a lot. The parallels and familiarity of the ending is very well done. Skaar is reliving all the same problems his dad experienced. Skaar has an objective and everything seems to get put in his way to slow him down. No matter what choices he makes they turn out bad in the end. He never catches a break.

The art is also very good. The art shifts mid-issue but it isn’t obvious at all. The comic still has a strong Planet Hulk feel to it. Skaar is presented much the same way the Hulk was presented when he landed on Sakaar at the beginning of Planet Hulk. This issue is definitely enhanced with the artwork.

This issue helps to show just how much of an outcast Skaar is. However, much of it is of his own doing as he seems to reject offers of help, just like his dad. The issue isn’t perfect but it does add something to the overall story. The fight is next so this issue is the calm before that very big storm.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

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