Six Modern Comics on the Move

by Matt Tuck

Red Hulk, Bloodshot, and even Jubilee are leading the way on the GoCollect Hottest Comics index for Modern comics. How many of these six issues do you own? Because they are making the most noise in the past month.

Below you’ll find the comic with its current position on the index followed by the number of positions it has moved in the last month. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the highest valued Modern comics, they are picking up steam, which does mean you should keep an eye on them. If they keep moving, the fair market values are bound to follow suit.

Hulk-1-2008-193x300 Six Modern Comics on the Move36. HULK #1 (+1,075)

This has been coming for at least a year. While it’s still not officially confirmed, it looks promising that “Big Red” will make his long-awaited MCU debut in She-Hulk’s Disney+ series. That has caused this issue to skyrocket in popularity, and it’s the only comic in the top 100 that cracked 1k positions. Wait until we actually see him in all his CGI glory, then the fun will really start.





Uncanny-X-Men-244-193x300 Six Modern Comics on the Move52. UNCANNY X-MEN #244 (+880)

Has the unthinkable finally happened? Has Jubilee finally gotten some respect?

Often labeled as the most useless of all the X-Men, collectors are flocking to Uncanny X-Men #244 and her first appearance. Maybe someday she will actually get an interesting story arc. I don’t see this ever becoming a major key, but it’s good to see this underappreciated character getting a bit more love.






Amazing-Fantasy-15-Facsimilie-195x300 Six Modern Comics on the Move60. AMAZING FANTASY #15 FACSIMILE EDITION (+185)

Basically, Marvel’s facsimile editions are just fancy reprints of famous comics, but they are proving to be worth your investment dollars. As I outlined in “Collectible Reprints,” the fair market values for these issues are steadily rising, specifically for the reprints of Amazing Fantasy #15 and Incredible Hulk #181. With prices for the originals out of reach for most of us, at least you can own the facsimile, right? Then again, for a reprint, a 9.8 AF #15 Facsimile Edition is still rather pricey after a March 8 sale netted close to $60.




Bloodshot-1-195x300 Six Modern Comics on the Move79. BLOODSHOT #1 (+906)

It’s no surprise that Bloodshot’s key issues are seeing a quick boost thanks to the new movie. Will it kick off a Valiant Cinematic Universe? We shall see, but it’s a good time to sell your comics while the excitement is high. This may not be Bloodshot’s first appearance, but it does feature the debut of Malcolm, Sinclaire, and Iwatsu.






Superman-75-199x300 Six Modern Comics on the Move83. SUPERMAN #75 (+149)

I like seeing this 1990s relic getting some attention.

Back in 1993, DC Comics published an absolute ton of these, so it’s not like there’s any rarity when it comes to the “Death of Superman,” but it was such a major story at the time. It still resonates with fans as we see with the popularity of the animated versions of Superman’s death and inevitable resurrection. That translates into value as the last sale for a 9.8 Superman #75 was for $120 on March 8.



Marvel-Super-Heroes-8-191x300 Six Modern Comics on the Move84. MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #8 (+186)

Not much has been said about Squirrel Girl lately, but that hasn’t stopped collectors from grabbing up her first appearance. In the past month, MSH #8 (otherwise known as the Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special) has jumped almost 200 positions on the Hottest Comics index.






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Brian Driver March 18, 2020 - 10:55 am

Matt…does anyone grade the Marvel Treasury Edition large format books? Thank you!


Matt Tuck March 19, 2020 - 10:56 am

I would assume CGC and CBCS would have capsules for those. They typically grade any of the oversized issues.


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