Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2): FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134

by James Jou

120800_7ff87ff14f9e09047c1653cd8aefea295771c99c-150x150 Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2):  FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134With a presence that spans across galaxies, it’s only befitting that the Silver Surfer has many enemies. In the first part of the Silver Surfer enemy collection, we examined the market for: Mephisto, Tyrant, and Terrax. Here we continue down the list to include: Annihilus, Morg, and High Evolutionary.



120800_7ff87ff14f9e09047c1653cd8aefea295771c99c-204x300 Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2):  FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUALS #6 (1968)

Annihilus, one of the most popular not just Silver Surfer antagonists, but also Marvel universe antagonists in general, made his first appearance in Fantastic Four Annuals #6 (1968). When Sue Storm’s pregnancy is threatened, the rest of the Fantastic Four venture into the Negative Zone to find Element X, the only thing that can save her and the baby. They find a concentrated amount of the element, but unfortunately, it’s in the Cosmic Control Rod of Annihilus, who is less than welcoming.

Below is sales for Fantastic Four Annuals #6 (1968), graded CGC 9.0 and 7.0; the top 17.4% and 56.8%, respectively.

ss2_a1-300x181 Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2):  FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134 ss2_b2-300x180 Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2):  FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134

The market behavior for Fantastic Four Annuals #6 is quite the extreme case of a spike in value; in a single year in 2018, the sales prices for the book skyrocketed almost 400% at the higher 9.0 grade and 600% at the lower 7.0 grade. Like Mephisto’s Silver Surfer #3 (1968), the market reaction to the Disney/Fox deal appears to be benefiting Annihilus as well; a sudden shift in positive sentiment sent sales prices parabolic. This run-up in prices primarily attributed to movie speculation is very concerning; especially when you take into account the prior years of flat sales.

Of note is that there has been a softening in the sales prices throughout 2019. Should there be a continued absence of any Annihilus news, or Silver Surfer/Fantastic Four news as they are linked, it’s possible that sales prices for Fantastic Four Annuals #6 could continue its decline. Time is on the buyer’s side on this one. For speculators holding on and looking for another run up from current levels; keep in mind the risk of sales prices returning to the low levels of 2017.



149912_669adb4b269902a29c375070a44caaef32766f36-194x300 Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2):  FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134SILVER SURFER #69 (1992)

Talk about workplace conflict, being a herald of Galactus certainly ups the ante. Another one of Silver Surfer’s antagonists is Morg the Executioner who made his first appearance in Silver Surfer #69 (1992). Morg’s ruthlessness, which is what impressed Galactus and got him the herald job, often put him at odds against the Silver Surfer and the other heralds. In spite of this, they did once find common ground and teamed up against another ex-Galactus employee, Tyrant.

The market for Silver Surfer #69 failed to develop a larger volume of sales or higher sales prices. The only two CGC 9.8 graded copies of the book sold for $115.50 and $69 in 2019; likely from general Silver Surfer speculation. The book is definitely worth a read, but at the moment holds little value as a financial investment.



119207_73bbfd5f8671e3286ed29af7c25a1d0f3e148ed9-197x300 Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2):  FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134THOR #134 (1966)

The High Evolutionary, also known as Herbert Wyndham, made his first appearance in Thor #134 (1966). In the issue, Thor tracks down Jan Foster who has ventured off to the Wundagore Mountain. There they find the High Evolutionary’s secret citadel and the Knights of Wundagore, who are humanoid animals created by the High Evolutionary.

Below is sales for Thor #134, graded CGC 9.0/.2 and 8.0/8.5; the top 41.4/27.6% and 66.3/57.4%, respectively.

ss2_c3-300x181 Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2):  FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134 ss2_d4-300x180 Silver Surfer’s Enemies (part 2):  FF Annual #6, SS #69, Thor #134

Thor #134 joins the long list of beneficiaries from the Disney/Fox deal. The sudden spike in sales prices introduces new risks; especially again, due to the years of flat sales prices from before. Fantastic Four Annuals #6 has already started to show signs of price weakness, will Thor #134 follow suit? If both benefited from the same upward catalyst, then a similar shift downward could just be a matter of time for Thor #134.




  • Fantastic Four Annuals #6 (1968) – see below
  • Silver Surfer #69 (1992) – REDUCE
  • Thor #134 (1966) – see below

For both Fantastic Four Annuals #6 and Thor #134 (and Silver Surfer #3 for that matter), the easy money has been made; yes, prices have indeed spiked up in the last year, but so has the risk to the downside. The best strategy would be to take some money off the table and shift to books with a better track record of slow and steady long term outlook. Caution is advised.



“Those to whom no distant horizons beckon… for whom no challenges remain… though they have inherited a Universe… they possess only empty sand!” – Silver Surfer


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