Silver Surfer Grails

by Matt Tuck

Silver-Surfer-art-169x300 Silver Surfer GrailsI never miss an opportunity to report on Silver Surfer key issues, and they are going to heat up even more than Wolverine’s unnecessary hot claws with the latest movie rumors.

Ever since the Disney/Fox buyout talks first began, all the keys related to characters under the Fox banner have gone up. Silver Surfer’s keys, however, have experienced the most significant bump with some of his early appearances nearly tripling since 2017. Now there is an unsubstantiated rumor that the Surfer is at the top of the list for a solo origin story.

According to, the rumor is that the story could follow the Surfer as a herald of Galactus. Keep in mind, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has said nothing in regards to this, so take it for what it is – a rumor.

FF-48-200x300 Silver Surfer GrailsThat being said, if the rumor gains traction, those Surfer keys will continue to escalate. At this point, his first appearance in Fantastic Four #48 has already left the stratosphere in terms of price.

On March 1, a 0.5 – that’s right; a 0.5 – sold for $325, which tells you all you need to know about the state of the FF #48 market. It is a well-established holy grail, and is unattainable for the majority of us. As more rumors swirl about the Surfer and Galactus debuting in the MCU, the demand for their first appearances will only ascend higher.




FF-49-200x300 Silver Surfer GrailsIn comparison, the Silver Surfer’s second appearance in Fantastic Four #49 is a more viable option, but prices have so quickly boomed that it appears headed for grail territory itself. A 9.0 has gone from averaging $819 in 2017 to a 90-day fair market value of $2,480. Since last December, it has twice sold for a record-high $2,500. If you want any grade for under $1,000, you’ll have to settle for a 7.5 when two years ago you could have gotten a 9.2 for $1,300.

Where we get to see FF #49 approaching grail territory is in that lowly incomplete 0.5. It currently averages $180, and one sold for $200 on January 16. These days, a 1.8 has a 90-day FMV of $255, which shows just how coveted this issue has become when the low grades are bringing these kinds of prices. In other words, gone are the days when FF #49 was the consolation prize for its predecessor.



Silver-Surfer-1-200x300 Silver Surfer GrailsSilver Surfer #1 isn’t getting any cheaper, either, but it’s still within grasp at least by comparison with FF #48, but it’s not far behind FF #49.

Like the second appearance of the Surfer, any SS #1 from an 8.0 and up is averaging no less than $1,300. Again, we see that an incomplete copy at a 0.5 is well into the triple figures, this time bringing $173 in January.

With the lasting popularity of Silver Surfer, it’s no surprise that he would be the subject of movie rumors now that the Disney/Fox deal is nearly complete. Whether or not he will get his own standalone movie or will be included in another character’s film remains to be seen, but rest assured that the Surfer will come to the MCU. When that happens, FF #49 and Silver Surfer #1 will officially ascend into grail country and will have the FMVs to prove it.

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