Silk on the Silver Screen?

by Matt Tuck

ASM-4-198x300 Silk on the Silver Screen?

On the tails of the rumored Silk movie, Amazing Spider-Man #4 has absolutely blown up the market. In just two days, 19 CGC-graded 9.8s have been sold, and it averaged over $200 in one day alone.

Let’s face it: Sony’s rumors can’t be entirely trusted.

For months, collectors went after the first appearances of Black Cat and Silver Sable in anticipation of the rumored movie. Apparently that project has been scrapped, and the ever-churning rumor mill has it that the idea for a solo film starring Silk is being kicked around.

Technically, Silk has already been on screen; Cindy Moon was on Peter Parker’s academic decathlon team in Spider-Man: Homecoming last year. In the comics, Cindy is Silk’s alter-ego. As we found out when the first news of the Venom movie hit the internet, the Sony Spiderverse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are separate entities (for now, at least; these things can change quickly), so the MCU Cindy Moon and Sony Cindy Moon will be unrelated.

Buying up keys based on rumors, especially Sony rumors, is a gamble, but it’s a gamble worth taking. Silk has been a popular character since her inception, her key issues have been on the rise. Even if it is just a rumor at this point, the idea of a solo movie is launching prices into the stratosphere, which could equal a payday for you if you time things right. As luck should have it, I’ve done the research for you.


In four years, this has already become a modern-classic cover. Of course it helps that ASM #4 was our first look at Silk. This particular comic has been on the move in a big way with 63 CGC-graded 9.8s having been sold in the past three months. When I was looking at the numbers for this issue, I stumbled onto something quite interesting.

According to GPA for CGC Comics, 16 CGC 9.8s sold on June 22. It’s unusual for that many copies to sell on the exact same day; the only other time anything even similar happened was on May 4 when five 9.8s sold that day. Just a day before this posting, three more near-mint 9.8s sold on June 23 for $240, $233, and $225, respectively. To see three copies all sell for over $200 is curious. Prior to this weekend’s mass sales, the highest price was $160 which sold on May 15.

Like most comics, ASM #4 has variants galore. If you’re fortunate, then you’ve got the J. Scott Campbell negative variant. That particular gem averaged $189 in 2017 and sold for $400 in this past weekend’s mass rush.

I think it’s safe to say that this has officially become a craze. The gamble, however, is whether or not Sony will follow through with this movie or if it will be added to the list of projects that never saw the light of day. If Sony pulls the plug, those prices are going to plummet, mark my words. My advice is to sell now while the market is hot.


Silk made her first appearance in cameo in ASM #1 (2014), so it stands to reason that the fair market value would ride the coattails of ASM #4. In fact, it has. Last year, the standard cover for ASM #1 averaged $29. In the past 90 days, it’s jumped to an average of $42 and going up. The last recorded sale of a 9.8 was on June 23, and it was for $60.

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