Showtime Gems from Heritage’s Comisar Collection Signature Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

053023D-1024x536 Showtime Gems from Heritage's Comisar Collection Signature AuctionOn June 2, Heritage is giving TV fans a shot at winning set pieces, costumes, and more, from some of the best shows to ever grace the tube. These are my picks of the gems coming out of this week’s auction!

Television changed the way we communicated with each other. This bold new platform took viewers into space, the past, and everything else. Many of us grew up with certain shows, and have built collections based on what TV shows we consumed. The Mickey Mouse Club, The Munsters, and Star Trek, all had a plethora of merchandise. But now most of us have adult money, and a more elevated collector comes with that.

Bozo the Clown Costume

bozocostume-e1685469610288-147x300 Showtime Gems from Heritage's Comisar Collection Signature Auction

Growing up in the late 1980s and 1990s, Bozo the Clown was a familiar childhood staple. At that point in pop culture, clowns started to have a more nefarious nuance to them thanks to Stephen King’s It (and subsequent copycat horror movies). But Bozo showed kids across America that not all clowns were terrifying sewer dwellers!

Originally created in 1946 by Alan Livingston, Bozo would be portrayed by actors all across America for various local broadcast stations. The character might not be as relevant today, but Bozo the Clown is still an important part of American pop culture.

This Bozo costume closely resembles the costume at the Smithsonian. While the actual year of this costume is unknown, most Bozo costumes resembled each other through the decades. I have not seen these pop up in auctions often, but due to the lack of popularity for the character, this may be an overlooked item. Bozo’s influence on children’s programming in the early years of television is important, so hopefully this will go to the right collector. Heritage notes that this costume is in Good/Very Good condition. If you are interested in this costume, don’t forget the iconic Bozo wig piece!

Annette Funicello Mickey Mouse Club Jacket 

annettejacket-e1685469770272-261x300 Showtime Gems from Heritage's Comisar Collection Signature Auction

When you think of classic television, you likely think of The Mickey Mouse Club. The ensemble cast variety show started in 1955 and was a staple for Disney until 1996. The Mickey Mouse Club is still prominent in Disney merchandising, and the theme song is one of the most recognizable Disney songs.

The 1955 show created a few stars from the lineup — including the popular Annette Funicello. Funicello would go on to appear in many Disney films and TV shows such as Zorro and The Shaggy Dog and starred opposite Frankie Avalon in the Beach Party movie series.  She was also a pop singer but has been widely remembered as one of the original Mouskateers.

Disney items are always a hot collectible, especially vintage Disney. As this was Annette Funicello’s jacket this will likely reach over $8 thousand in auction. Heritage notes that this is in Very Good condition, and came from Disney themselves. If you’re a Disney fan or appreciate good vintage items, don’t let this slip through your hands.

Nichelle Nichols Lt. Uhura Season One Starfleet Bridge Uniform

uhura-e1685469873919-110x300 Showtime Gems from Heritage's Comisar Collection Signature Auction

The legendary Nichelle Nichols boldly went where no woman had gone before in 1966. The trailblazer helped put Star Trek on the map — so much so that the franchise is still alive and healthy today. Lt. Uhura is one of the greatest characters in science fiction. The original and iconic Star Trek Starfleet uniforms were minimal, stylish, and influential.

While the costumes themselves might have taken inspiration from prior science fiction movies and shows, they are truly and uniquely their own. They are also very collectible.

In June 2016 Heritage sold another Uhura uniform from season one for $51,000.000. A third-season Starfleet Uhura uniform sold for $28,800 in December 2019. This first-season uniform is in Very Fine condition per Heritage. It does have a reserve on it, but I believe it will beat that reserve price by at least $1K.

Batman 66 Batmobile Batphone

batphone-e1685469940554-300x180 Showtime Gems from Heritage's Comisar Collection Signature Auction

ABC’s Batman aired from 1966 through 1968 for three seasons, introducing a brand new generation of fans to Batman. Despite many people believing this was the first time Batman was ever brought out of the comics, Batman did star in two successful movie serials during the Golden Age. Even Adam West himself would often correct people saying he was the first television, Batman. The series was fun, goofy, and thanks to syndication, the show was my first experience with Batman prior to the 1989 movie. This Batman Batphone prop was molded after the production-used phone and was used for marketing and event purposes.

A similar Batphone sold on Heritage for $45,000.000 in December of 2019, but that prop was used in production and did work. As this item up for sale was not an original, I predict it will go for much lower — a sale price would be between $7-$9k for this item. Heritage notes that it is in Very Good to Fine Condition.

This entire auction is filled with great finds from other shows including The Office, Cheers, I Dream of Jeanie, and more. Be sure to check every unique item out before June 2!

Upgrade2_Footer Showtime Gems from Heritage's Comisar Collection Signature Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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