Should You Pay Attention to the Squadron Supreme?

by Robert D'Ottavi

Squadron-Supreme-Classic-Omnibus-int-300x179 Should You Pay Attention to the Squadron Supreme?Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic, Marvel Studios are not slowing down with their superhero output! With an array of projects hitting both Disney+ and theatres over the next few years, I ask: should you pay attention to the Squadron Supreme?

You would be excused if you had never heard of the Squadron Supreme before. In fact, up until a few days ago, I had never heard of them either. The Marvel superhero team has been compared to DC’s Justice League for many years, and in some ways, they are a much better comparison than the Avengers. The group first appeared in The Avengers #85, written by Roy Thomas, with art by John Buscema. The team usually consists of Hyperion, Nighthawk, Power Princess, Whizzer, Doctor Spectrum and Skymax, the Skrullian Skymaster. The characters have never really been a main attraction in the world of Marvel, but if a recent rumor is to be believed, that could all change.

Should You Pay Attention to the Squadron Supreme?

668705-201x300 Should You Pay Attention to the Squadron Supreme?

A few days ago, DanielRPK – a well-known ‘scooper’ – dropped the bombshell that “a Squadron Supreme project is in development” at Marvel Studios. Unfortunately, that was all the information provided, as we have no idea whether this project is a film, or another Disney+ series. If you have been paying attention to the Marvel rumor radar, you would have noticed that a few months ago, the Squadron Supreme were rumored to appear in the forthcoming Loki series. As MCU Cosmic points out, “With Loki traveling to alternate timelines and dimensions, their debut in the series makes a lot of sense as they could be a fun alternative to The Avengers in one of those parallel universes.”

With that out of the way, now comes the fun part: Should you pay attention to the Squadron Supreme? Well, I have some pretty good news for you: You should. The technical first appearance of these characters actually came in Avengers #69, when the group debuted as the Squadron Sinister, a supervillain line-up. That comic also featured the debut of The Grandmaster, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum in the MCU. In February of this year, a 9.6 copy of the book sold for $525 (USD), and on eBay at the moment, you would find high grades trading anywhere between $185 (8.5) to $600 (9.6).

Regarding their first appearance as the Squadron Supreme, in January of this year, a 9.4 copy of Avengers #85 sold for $300, keep in mind: this was before any rumor of an MCU appearance hit the web. On eBay at the moment, a 9.4 copy is trading for $600, which goes to show how much can change when a rumor hits the web. That said, there are hundreds of ungraded copies floating around that range anywhere from $50 to about $200. Given that this rumor only popped up a few days ago, I would give it a few weeks. By then, more graded copies may be online, meaning you will probably find someone selling it for an enticing price.

As far as if I would invest in the book? If the price was right, I would. Personally, I think it is a safe enough bet as the characters are way too obscure for multiple rumors to just pop up. As I said before, keep the book in your watch list, and come back to it in a few weeks’ time… if we’re still alive, that is.


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