Should You Be Paying Attention to Gorr?

by Robert D'Ottavi

Thor_God_of_Thunder_Vol_1_5_Textless1-300x198 Should You Be Paying Attention to Gorr?Taika Waititi is set to return to the MCU with 2021’s Thor: Love and Thunder, and with a new Thor movie, comes new baddies. The last piece of news we had regarding  Love and Thunder was back in early February, which saw former Batman actor, Christian Bale join the cast as an “otherworldly” villain. Since a month has passed, and Bale has not dropped out of the project, we should assume he will play this alien villain… But which alien villain will he play? Well, today I want to ask, “Should you be paying attention to Gorr?”

Now, Gorr is not the most popular of Marvel villains. In fact, he’s a weird one. Technically, the character first appeared in 1976’s Fantastic Four #171however, that version of the character was a “golden gorilla,” who was given human intelligence and enhanced strength by The High Evolutionary. Of course, that may not be the most ‘cinematic’ route for the character. In recent years, Gorr has gone through a little bit of a makeover. The new and improved version of the character actually debuted in Thor: God of Thunder #2 from 2013, kicking off the fan-favorite, God Butcher storyline, perhaps another reason why fans should be paying attention to Gorr.

Should You Be Paying Attention to Gorr?

Gorr went from an obscure one-off villain to a popular villain bursting with cinematic potential. Considering how recent the God Butcher storyline actually is (seven years is nothing in comics), could Waititi be looking to incorporate the character into the forthcoming sequel? Here is a little fun-fact for you: The God Butcher storyline is actually from the same writer (Jason Aaron) who decided to make Jane Foster the new Thor and considering Natalie Portman’s return to the role, and her inheritance of Mjolnir all but confirmed, would it really be a surprise to see Gorr pop up here too?

So, here lies a little bit of a problem for investors – which “first appearance” should you pick up? Much like Jane Foster as Thor, this is a difficult question. While, technically, the first canon appearance of Foster as Thor was in Thor #1 from 2014However, way back in 1978, Marvel did a “What If?” book which saw Foster pick up the hammer. As far as what book sells more, well, funnily enough, it isn’t the canon version. A 9.8 copy of What If #10 sold last month for a record high of $800 (USD). Comparing the two books for a second, while What If #10 recently sold for $800, a 9.8 of Thor #1  sold last month for a mere $110 (USD). I think my $50 investment is looking, in the immortal words of Larry David, “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.” 

clean-3-195x300 Should You Be Paying Attention to Gorr?Enough about Jane Foster, let’s turn back to Gorr. Both first appearances of the respective versions of Gorr are fairly cheap. A 9.8 copy of Fantastic Four #171 sold for $160 (USD) in August of last year, while a 9.8 version of Thor: God of Thunder #2 sold for $140 (USD) last month. Just by having a quick look on eBay, copies of Fantastic Four #171 are a rarity, and the handful I have come across pale in comparison to the prices of God of Thunder #2. For example, on eBay at the moment, a 9.8 copy of God of Thunder #2 is selling for $290 (USD). However, on, I found a 9.8 for significantly less ($220). If I were investing in either copy, I would be looking at Thor: God of Thunder #2, as that one is already sizzling on the market











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