Should You Be Investing In MODOK?

by Robert D'Ottavi

modok-comic-captain-america-3-s-villain-revealed-300x205 Should You Be Investing In MODOK?Since the conception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the big-floating head known as MODOK has been a character fans have longed to see. In February of 2019, it was announced that a MODOK animated series would hit Hulu within the next two years. However, a new rumor seems to indicate that MODOK could be making his live-action debut in the next 12 months. Because of this, I ask the question: Should you be investing in MODOK?

Unlike certain Marvel villains like Red Skull or Loki, MODOK is a tough character to imagine in live-action. Just from a simple look at him, he is weird. He’s a big, floating head with tiny arms and legs. To be completely honest with you, I have no idea what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were smoking when they came up with this guy!

For those unaware, MODOK made his comic book debut in Tales of Suspense #93 in a cameo role, making his full first appearance an issue later. The comics (respectively) saw Captain America and Iron Man taking down members of the evil organization, AIM. Speaking of debuts, according to Geeks Worldwide, MODOK will appear in the forthcoming She-Hulk series on Disney+. While not much is known about the villain’s role in the show, MODOK’s live-action debut will certainly be a sight to see… As well as an internet meme.

Should You Be Investing In MODOK?

As far as investing in MODOK is concerned, his first appearances are nowhere near as expensive as one would presume. I chalk this down to the simple fact that he has yet to appear in the MCU, and nothing more than that. MODOK’s first full appearance comes in the form of Tales of Suspense #94. Earlier this month, a 9.0 copy of the book sold for $400 (USD). On eBay at the moment, there is a 9.4 copy of the book selling for $1,000 (USD), with the opportunity of a best offer.

476283._SX1600_QL80_TTD_-195x300 Should You Be Investing In MODOK?

Despite technically appearing in Tales of Suspense #93 first, this book is a lot more affordable than its follow-up. For a 9.0 copy, you are looking at dropping $130 (USD). However, considering this is not the first full appearance of the character, and CGC does not recognize this, I would probably avoid it unless you find a bargain copy of the book, like the one linked above.

clean-7-198x300 Should You Be Investing In MODOK?

As far as answering the question this article’s headline raises, I say you should be investing in MODOK! Think about it like this: If Geeks Worldwide’s rumor turns out to be false, you still have the upcoming Hulu series. If the rumor is true, MODOK keys will fly like never before. Considering the low-cost of Tales of Suspense #94, I say go for it, as I know I will.








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