Should New Collectors Focus Solely on Comics?

by Jestin Davis
072121A-300x157 Should New Collectors Focus Solely on Comics?With exploding collectibles markets across the board, should new collectors spread themselves thin or focus down on the comic book market?

As a new comic book collector, it can be easy to run deep down the rabbit hole of comics. After all, there are over 80 years’ worth of comic books just in the superhero genre! Although focusing solely on comics can help you build your collection faster, many collectors have other interests in the collectibles world. So that begs the question. Should new collectors focus solely on comic books?

Keep Your Budget In Mindmedia_a28_a28f1cfb-1f23-4448-a1f0-40ea8840a548_phpBAhjQa-300x225 Should New Collectors Focus Solely on Comics?

Although it sounds like a downer statement, the b-word is a real thing. A budget allows you to invest in collectibles without sacrificing your other financial goals. This is true whether you are single or supporting a family. New collectors with a limited budget should consider focusing on comic books in order to purchase investment-grade books and/or key books they love and enjoy. If you spread yourself too thin, you will be forced to settle for lesser books. They may not have a great long-term value.
The good news is that after you have built up some key books, you could always leverage some of them into another collectible asset class like trading cards or concert posters. If you notice that another collectible seems to be undervalued while some of your books appear to be at their height, that might be a perfect time to cash out and rebalance. Several graded video games have emerged as investments lately. Games worth $50 a few years ago are auctioning for huge sums.

New to Comics with Capacity to Grow

If you’re new to comics but you have the resources to grow your collection quickly and potentially look at diversifying into other collectibles, it is never a bad thing to diversify your holdings. Most financial advisors would tell you to diversify your stock and bond portfolio so that you don’t risk losing a large portion of your savings due to one stock or the stock market in general falling in value quickly. The same can be said for your collection, especially if you are looking to increase the value over time. You should consider diversifying into another collectible or two. The collectibles markets can be as volatile, if not more volatile, than the stock market.

JXHpyaWfVGuAmDZCtQWWnY-300x169 Should New Collectors Focus Solely on Comics?Other Genres of Diversification

To piggyback on the diversification discussion, you may also want to consider diversifying into other genres within your comic book collection. We all know that the superhero genre is king right now when it comes to comic books. Remember though, it wasn’t that long ago that westerns were the hot item. The moral of that short story? You never know what the future holds. Do your best to protect yourself from unforeseen changes in any market you choose to park your hard-earned money.

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Andrew Baer July 24, 2021 - 7:37 pm

Dude, you need to talk to Pat Bain about collecting some comic art work. After 40 years I came to realization that I hated putting away the issues with great artwork and I set aside some of my budget for a few pieces of artwork to hang on the wall.


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