Short The Walking Dead

by Norman Robinson III

282137_56a7699569b4d3470867f2b90079c9d15857645b-192x300 Short The Walking Dead

One of the most terrifying villains created in The Walking Dead is the Governor. He first appeared in issue The Walking Dead #27, and he is one of the truly horrific villains of TWD. The script is written by Kirkman and pencils by Adlard. Unfortunately, the returns for the comic book TWD #27 are more terrifying than his character; almost every grade has lost money over the last 24 months. Change is coming for this genre and prices are headed straight to hell.

In fact, The Walking Dead is now going into its second decade of this saga. It feels like death by a thousand cuts at this point. From a speculators perspective, this zombie genre is just played out. The last season’s storyline was lackluster. All the wind came out of the sails of The Walking Dead series once they killed Glenn. I mean come on, they killed the pizza guy! What a waste of a character the audience was emotionally invested in, give me a break Image Comics.

The Walking Dead #1 was created by Kirkman and Adlard, in 2003. This AMC TV series first aired in 2010 to huge fanfare. Fast forward, eight years later and The Walking Dead is feeling a little trite and worn out. The catalyst is right in front of us, a series that has gone on far too long. It’s popularity is waning and you should sell any Walking Dead issue over #20. This zombie fascination has lasted an unconscionable amount of time. Do you remember The Sopranos which dominated for eight years of top-flight HBO TV? If Sopranos can get old and tired, any show can. In the world of comic book speculation, it is probably time to short The Walking Dead and get out before the price drops even further.

The historical return on investment for most of The Walking Dead comics supports my hypothesis.The AMC series The Walking Dead is played out. There has been an across the board drop in prices. TWD comics have decreased in value for the past 24 months consistently. Currently, in a near mint grade: The Walking Dead #1, #2, and #3 has fallen in value as much as 10%. If we look at later comics the price decrease is even greater. Some of the #20 thru #30 comic issues of TWD have fallen in price as much as 19%. The higher the issue; the greater the drop in value of the comic. To cement this fact, currently The Walking Dead #55 has lost 22% of its value, in the last two years (GoCollect). Yes, some of this is cherry picking, but you have to admit prices are falling. Anecdotally, I owned WD #66 in near mint and eventually sold it for about $12 recently after six months online!

To use the investment jargon of the stock market, we are going to “short this puppy,” this means we are betting that it will decrease in value. However, as a comic book speculator all we can do is simply sell our comics when we believe the time is right, like now. I would advise selling everything you own that is Walking Dead, bobbleheads, action figures, comics, especially the comics, short em all. Don’t worry you will see opportunity to purchase it again when the entire Walking Dead market collapses. You may even be able to pick up TWD #1 for $1000 in about three years in near mint condition. All of it, you can rebuy and own again while locking in current profit now.

Please don’t let your comic portfolio become The Walking Dead along with your bank account. Escape with your investment returns now and purchase a different comic from the Golden, Silver, Bronze, or even the Modern Age. TWD series has become its namesake, the undead. The TV show that just keeps going on and on mindlessly moving forward like an animated corpse. Short this comic and pull your .357 Magnum Colt Python (Rick’s gun from series) while you can, and get out with profits now!

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