Short Moon Knight

by Norman Robinson III

132904_83a2888fffa1e124f55731e1127cc3c973736cae-201x300 Short Moon KnightIt is time to seal the sarcophagus on Moon Knight comics. This lunar super-hero might have the strength of Khonshu (Egyptian Lunar God), but the profits from his book could crumble to dust like a Pharoah’s corpse. Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 (1975) created by the team Gil Kane, Don Perlin (pencils) and Doug Moench (script). There has been speculation that Moon Knight could get a series. According to media reports, at least two prominent directors have shown interest in the Moon Knight, and Marvel has rejected both. The head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has stated publicly at a recent press event for Avengers: Infinity War “there is a plan for Moon Knight.” Moonies, hold onto your ankhs they are starting to glow, a sign from Khonshu; something terrible this way comes. Marc Spector would be ready for anything, he was pragmatic, are you?

Moon Knight #1

Unfortunately, Marvel has eclipsed the possibility of a catalyst by stating flat out no series anytime soon. “During the Avengers: Infinity War press conference, Kevin Feige confirmed the soonest we will see Moon Knight is 5-15 years” (source: CBM). Did Kevin say fifteen years my fellow Moonies? That is enough to give every speculator multiple schizophrenic personalities like Marc Spector a.k.a. Moon Knight. Like I teased in the intro, this lunar knight will eventually get his spot in the moonlight. You just have to wait until your newborn is ready to graduate from high school.  Quickly Moonies, extend your moon truncheon cable gun in any direction away from Moon Knight speculation. Furthermore, if you own Moon Knight #1 (1980), or Werewolf by Night #32 don’t wait, unload it today.

Remember, speculation isn’t a car race it is closer to a surfing contest. Paddle out into the deep end, hope a Great White doesn’ bite your leg like in the tabloids. Then pray to Khonshu for a wave to ride that speculation onto the beach of profit and reward. Once there, get off the board and take your profits. Then you turn around and head back out to deeper waters, and wait for another wave to ride to profit to the shore and into your speculation bank account. It is time to change proverbial surfboards.

Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4

Moonies are dedicated to the knight of lunar cycles even to the point of owning some of the keys for Moon Knight across his continuity storyline. The time is right in the lunar cycle to unload all of these: Werewolf by Night #32 is the first appearance of Moon Knight, and Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4 shows the first appearance of Midnight his official sidekick.  Another key is Marc Spector: Moon Knight #50  when he quits the Avengers. Then, of course, we have Moon Knight #1 first self-titled series and the early death of Marc Spector. Don’t get caught in the headlights for this franchise, short everything I have just mentioned and any other ill-timed books you have invested in.

The Eclipse

Get out of your Moon Knight titles now while you still can. Fifteen years is an insane amount of time to wait for a useful catalyst for this character. I know the Moon Knight is like Batman, has a mystical edge, and is very interesting and different. Especially with his origin from Egyptian gods, which you don’t see a lot. There is some current evidence of slight degradation in prices in both the Werewolf by Night #32 and Moon Knight #1. But unfortunately, we must heed the warning of the Father of English literature, Chaucer (circa 1380), “All good things come to an end.” Don’t be a Moonie, hop on your Mooncopter and get out of this speculation graveyard, before the sun goes down.




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