Shoot the Moon: Amazing Spider-Man #4

by Norman Robinson III

Shoot-the-moon-300x157 Shoot the Moon: Amazing Spider-Man #4It is rare when a relatively new superhero “shoots the moon.” But such is the case with Cindy Moon, a.k.a. Silk. Created by Dan Slott, this Korean-American superhero is birthed in the Amazing Spider-Man #4 “Original Sin” storyline with art by Humberto Ramos. This eventually led to an ongoing feature by one of the writers from Supernatural, a very popular TV series. His name is Robbie Thompson. Obviously, this guy (Robie) could appeal to a wider range of Millenials making and expanding Silk’s storyline. After all, he was part of a hit TV series for that same demographic group. Should investors “shoot the moon” with Silk? What return trends and demographic nuance can we sift with this fun super-heroine

SILK1-pic-final-300x176 Shoot the Moon: Amazing Spider-Man #4Amazing Spider-Man #4

This book is the first full appearance of Silk (Cindy Moon).  The team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos created an interesting twist to the Peter Parker Spider-Man origin. This is fitting, because who doesn’t love Spidey? This homage to the original Spider-Man has the same spider that bit him bitting another person, a young female student named Cindy Moon. This has a lot of Spidey’s powers of superhuman strength, agility, and stamina. Also long-range precognitive sense, and the ability to spin organic webbing from her fingers.

Obviously, Silk is powerful much like Spider-Man.  But can her webbing be strong enough to match his investment-grade comic books? This is her first full appearance and it has seen a significant rise in value. This is probably mostly due to heavy speculation. But guess what? The speculators were right. She will be appearing in the MCU at some point. This is a powerful reason to own this book. Now we have robot spiders, cartoon spiders, alternate Universe spiders, and a ton of different background spider-women. Let’s not forget Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman. Don’t count her out quite yet.

Bottom line, these addendums to the Spider-Man story, well, some will crash and some will burn, but there will be a few standing popular versions at the end. My bet is on three ladies: Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, and Silk. What kind of trend returns can we expect from Silk?

Title Grade Last Sale Total Sales CGC Census Return
Amazing Spider-Man #4 9.8 $276 1248 4020 +116%
9.6 $115 194 641 +44%
8.5 $105 8 32 +114%

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These numbers in the 9.8 grade are scary, and I don’t have investment-grade arachnophobia. But imagine a relatively Modern Age comic that has 1248 confirmed 9.8’s! That is not the end of the bad news for this book. Like many recent books, there are 9 sales in grade 9.9! But wait, there is more… Yep, one sale in 10.0 grade. I am very concerned that these high grades exist and supplant the normal range of grades and the preeminence typically of grade 9.8 near mint-mint.  This is one of those books, Amazing Spider-Man #4 that could collapse under the weight of its own print run.

With that warning, I think this is the perfect book to bet on for a Modern Age. The character is cool as all get-out and demographically covers a wider range than most. Cindy Moon is an interesting character and a solid bet on the future of the MCU. Silk is a strong substance to make clothes with and an even stronger character to invest in. Take it from this comic book collector, investor, and “Silk” speculator; Silk is here to stay.

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Concert-POster-FooterOption-2 Shoot the Moon: Amazing Spider-Man #4

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steven Centonzo March 22, 2021 - 9:52 am

Re writing real history is bad enough. “Oh by the way…That spider that bit Peter Parker bit some one else”.
You do realize that means there were stowaways on the rocket Reed and crew flew to beat the Russians. And oddly enough, those radio active chemicals spilled on a young Matt Murdock and two other people as well.”
I just think its weak writing. Sorry to vent on this, one of my favorite sites

octoberland March 22, 2021 - 1:49 pm

Great points! I would offer the correction that there are 4131 9.8s (as of today), where as the sales number (1248) is what you mentioned. Not to nit-pick, but it’s an important difference when mentioning how many confirmed 9.8s there are floating about. Unfortunately that only further tips the ‘uh-oh’ meter from an availability PoV. All that said, I think it is not a bad scenario. Just manage your expectations.

That many out there make it very, very easy to land a 9.8 and new ones pop on daily. I just added one this past month. But that means early speculators will have a hard time driving up the cost before anything definite happens. That props the window open for a longer period than we are used to. However, the voluminous inventory of them will cap the prices. Do not expect UF4 returns. There is a roughly equal total amount of 9.6 + 9.8 UF4 in comparison to the 9.8s for ASM4. But that does not mean ASM4 couldn’t hit $1000 on solid news and if she is a hit.

That’s the limiter. Buy it for around $250 and hope for a 2-4X return. Not bad and if nothing else, you have a nice key book for a popular modern character. If you want to up the chances, go for the Ramos variant. There are a lot of them (1,246 9.8s as of today) but they are only double the cost. I’m not normally a variant chaser, but I love them with first apps of popular characters. As a 1:10, you are looking at ~12,000 total for the variant. That’s not a _small_ number, but it’s 1/10 as common as the Cover A for only twice the price. IMHO that’s a pretty strong play.

DISCLAIMER: I own multiple Cover A & Variant copies so my opinions are likely affected. At the moment zero of them are for sale, FYI, so I’m not looking to cash in on this post. I think Silk & Jessica Drew are very strong buys.

Thank you for this write up!

– Craig Coffman

Davitt Driscoll March 24, 2021 - 11:10 am

1:10’s don’t work like that. You have to buy 10 to get 1. If you buy 18, you get 1. If you buy 9, you don’t get any. The upper limit would be 12,000 for a print run of 132,000. I don’t know the print run of this book, but that may be high for that time period. That said, a lot of people never got the variant due to order size, so the extant number of variants is much lower than your estimate.


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