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August 5th, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) — For a comic about slacker robots, SHMOBOTS has actively been gaining praise since its July 2008 publication. To commemorate the series’ well deserved success, SHMOBOTS.COM has been launched to give curious readers an in-depth look at the world’s laziest robots and their sidesplitting misadventures. The site even has clips of the infamous Kitten TV!

SHMOBOT is a dirty and offensive word! The politically correct term is mechanical American,” explained SHMOBOTS writer Adam Rifkin. “In my very first graphic novel, SHMOBOTS, I explore the annoying subculture of lazy, slacker robots, stoner droids not only programmed with free will but also equipped with an irritating sense of entitlement. SHMOBOTS.COM is the nexus point where all things SHMO and all things BOT intermingle. Whether you’re already a fan of the book or just looking to learn more about it before you buy it, SHMOBOTS.COM is a great place to familiarize yourself with its colorful characters, meet the creators, read all of our killer reviews and find all sorts of fun Easter eggs.”

Publisher’s Weekly had this to say about SHMOBOTS:

“This hilarious graphic novel shows a futuristic society where robots were created to do the dirty work, only they were built by the lowest bidder, creating a race of metallic slackers–the shmobots…the plot whips along and delivers some dastardly fun.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Comics legend Stan Lee chimed in:

“Over the years, there have been so many stories about robots that I didn’t think there could possibly be a new angle. Boy, was I wrong!,” said Lee. “Once you read SHMOBOTS, by the clever writer/artist team of Adam Rifkin and Les Toil, with a surprise on almost every page, you’ll never look at robots the same way again!”

BOOM! Studios is currently serializing SHMOBOTS at their website, updating a page a day online:

Written by Adam Rifkin and drawn by Les Toil, SHMOBOTS is available in trade paperback for purchase online and at fine retailers everywhere!

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