She-Hulk MCU Speculation: Which Villain(s) Will Appear?

by Don Y

She-Hulk-300x157 She-Hulk MCU Speculation: Which Villain(s) Will Appear?I’m sure plenty of speculation will occur with upcoming Disney+ shows, including the upcoming She-Hulk series. Below we’ll keep the speculation going and discuss the first appearances of two villains who may appear in She-Hulk.

During the past two months, there has been extensive speculation about the villains who might appear in WandaVision. Youtubers and bloggers produced a huge amount of content about Agatha Harkness, Grim Reaper, Nightmare, and especially about Mephisto. While Nightmare or Mephisto could still appear in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it appears that the speculators only got Agatha Harkness right. (As an aside, you may remember that I advocated selling Silver Surfer #3 in a blog about two months ago). Let’s take a look at another upcoming project and the villains that may or may not make appearances.

Hulk #1: First Appearance of Red Hulk (and Death of Abomination)

Screen-Shot-2021-02-27-at-7.23.56-PM-194x300 She-Hulk MCU Speculation: Which Villain(s) Will Appear?Most speculators believe Red Hulk (aka Thunderbolt Ross) will serve as the main villain in She-Hulk. Kevin Feige has confirmed that Abomination will appear, but my guess is that he won’t be the main villain.¬†Instead, similar to the story in Hulk #1, Red Hulk will kill the Abomination and then go on to battle She-Hulk. If I had to take an educated guess, I’d bet that Thunderbolt Ross will turn himself into Red Hulk near the conclusion of Falcon & The Winter Soldier as a part of the Weapon Plus program. He’ll then cross over into She-Hulk.

Unsurprisingly, very high-grade copies of this issue have been rising in value over the past year. Specifically, CGC 9.8 copies of this book have risen by nearly 18% during the past year and have sold for around $220. On the other hand, in some other grades (9.0 to 9.4), this issue has decreased in value a bit during the same period of time. Raw, high-grade copies have recently sold for around $50 on eBay. Considering how many people have been speculating about Red Hulk, I’m a little surprised this issue hasn’t risen more in value. Although I typically try to stay away from the hype, I think this issue will probably climb a lot higher especially if the Red Hulk (and eventually the Thunderbolts) appear.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3: First Appearance of Titania

Screen-Shot-2021-02-25-at-8.22.47-PM-196x300 She-Hulk MCU Speculation: Which Villain(s) Will Appear?While Red Hulk is the odds on favorite to appear, it would be highly unusual if we didn’t eventually see She-Hulk’s greatest foe, Titania, appear at some point in the MCU. Transformed by Dr. Doom into a metahuman, Titania has bested She-Hulk on several occasions, including during their first encounter in Secret Wars.

Along with Volcana, Titania first appears in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3. During the past year, this issue has been rising in value but is still affordable. For example, during the past year, CGC 9.8 copies of this issue have risen by nearly 11% and their FMV, according to GoCollect, is $170. You can purchase raw, high-grade copies of this book for around $20 on eBay.

Which villains do you think might appear in She-Hulk? Please tell us in the comments below!

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Joseph Overaitis March 31, 2021 - 7:34 pm


I mentioned Titania in the most recent blogger dome battle. I said Secret Wars introduced us to some great characters as well as the ASM costume. That issue has been ignored for way too long and now I think it might be right to buy and hold.


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