Shadowline Welcomes You To Heathentown

by Jeff

Thursday, November 6, 2008 – This January Image Comics’ Shadowline invites you to HEATHENTOWN, a town with a horror lurking where you least expect it, courtesy of artist Gabriel Hardman and writer Corinna Sara Bechko.

“Growing up in Florida you can’t help but be fascinated by swamps. Driving through the Everglades across Alligator Alley at night is enough to make anyone think that monsters still walk the earth,” Bechko said. “This book is my Valentine to those places that still can’t be tamed, that give us room to dream, that scare us, and that fill us with a sense of awe and mystery”.

In HEATHENTOWN, Anna travels deep within the Florida Everglades to attend her lover’s funeral, but finds an eerie small town where death is but a horrible beginning! In an attempt to discover the truth, she digs up her lover’s coffin, starting a chain reaction which brings an ancient malevolence into the town… bent on her destruction!

Hardman added, “Atmosphere is everything. With Heathentown I set out to combine classic and modern visual styles to produce a look both fresh and timeless. The movies of Val Lewton, Roman Polanski and Mario Bava all went into the mix along with the graphic works of Gene Colan, Wally Wood, and Alberto Breccia.”

HEATHENTOWN GN, a 96-page black & white graphic novel for $9.99, will be in stores January 21st.

NOV082276D Shadowline Welcomes You To Heathentown

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