Shadowline’s Zombie Cop Goes On Patrol For Revenge This January

by Jeff

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 – This February, Image Comics Shadowline shows what happens in one cop’s final days amongst a zombie apocalypse in the full-length graphic novel, ZOMBIE COP!

“ZOMBIE COP is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time,” writer Jeff Mariotte said. “The idea of the honest, driven cop trying to solve the greatest mystery of his life—while he still has a life—was one that tugged at me and wouldn’t let go.”

ZOMBIE COP begins with police officer Joe Mundy being infected with the zombie plague and realizing he only has a short time to find who’s responsible before he’s fully taken over. Written by award-winning novelist and comic book writer Jeff Mariotte with fully painted art by rising star Szymon Kudranski, ZOMBIE COP promises to be alternately humorous, horrific and tragic, while leaving you to question what it means to be human.

ZOMBIE COP (NOV082275), a 136-page full color graphic novel for $14.99, will be available January 14th.

NOV082275D Shadowline's Zombie Cop Goes On Patrol For Revenge This January
Zombie Cop GN

8908-daily.txt(3513): 462960459|Zombie Cop GN|8908|Things From Another World||||11.99|14.99|Books/Reading|Misc.|Written by Jeff Mariotte Art and cover by Szymon Kudranski Joe Mundy is a doomed cop, desperately clinging to the last vestiges of his humanity before the virus that infected his town turns him into zombie as well! Will he have enough time to solve the mystery of what caused the virus before he succumbs to his horrific fate? Alternately humorous, horrific and tragic Zombie Cop will leave you questioning just what it means to be…human. Critically acclaimed author Jeff Mariotte brings a tale of horror you’re unlikely to forget!|2009-01-28|Horror|Jeff Mariotte;Szymon Kudranski||7.44|2008-11-16 07:00:19|backordered|Shadowline|NOV082275D|Graphic Novels||||978160706023951499

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