Shadowline Launches The Definitive Ted Mckeever Library

by Jeff

Beginning this October, Image Comics’ Shadowline will team with critically-acclaimed artist Ted McKeever for a project over twenty years in the making, THE TED MCKEEVER LIBRARY, beginning with the completed TRANSIT.

“To think after 20 years that I would be returning to TRANSIT is almost abstractly absurd,” said McKeever. “TRANSIT had become my personal holy grail, but now, with this collected hardcover edition, I can roam free of it’s gaping wailing and allow it to scab over while I move on to new roads.”

Those new roads include the subsequent volumes of The Ted McKeever Library, EDDY CURRENT and METROPOL. Each edition will feature the definitive versions of McKeever’s vision, including all the original covers, unused art and TRANSIT’s never-before-seen ending. These graphic novels consist of McKeever’s inter-connected magnum opus in his world of tomorrow – from industrial wastelands torn by war, cities on the verge of self-destruction and one of the most twisted takes on superheroics to ever grace the comics medium.

Shadowline Publisher Jim Valentino said, “While Shadowline loves to introduce the world to some of the most exciting new talent, bringing in someone of Ted’s caliber at such a major capacity is something we’re equally passionate about. We cannot wait to help bring his most personal works to their completion and look forward to more in the future!”

TED MCKEEVER LIBRARY HC VOL. 1: TRANSIT (AUG082275), is a 156-page black & white hardcover for $24.99, and will be in stores October 1st.

AUG082275D Shadowline Launches The Definitive Ted Mckeever Library
Ted Mckeever Library HC Vol. 01

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