Sgt. Rock’s Tour Of Heroes Comes to Reisterstown, MD

by Jeff

Reisterstown, MD – November 4, 2008 – As he’s already done in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Baltimore, writer/artist Billy Tucci will be making several personal appearances to coincide with the launch of “Sgt. Rock – The Lost Battalion” and, as he’s done before, he’ll be bringing along some very special guests – World War Two Veterans and the stars of “Sgt. Rock’s Tour of Heroes.”

DC Comics’ “The Lost Battalion” is based on the events of October 1944, where 275 men of the 141st Infantry were trapped and surrounded by thousands of German troops bent on their complete annihilation. For six days and nights, the Texans, supplied only by P47 fighter/bombers, fought one of the most brutal last stands in history, and their ultimate rescue by the embattled Japanese Americans of the 442nd RCT is unequalled in casualties and valor.

sep080101d Sgt. Rock's Tour Of Heroes Comes to Reisterstown, MD
Sgt Rock The Lost Battalion #1 (of 6)
oct080100d Sgt. Rock's Tour Of Heroes Comes to Reisterstown, MD
Sgt Rock The Lost Battalion #2 (of 6)
NOV080131D Sgt. Rock's Tour Of Heroes Comes to Reisterstown, MD
Sgt Rock The Lost Battalion #3 (of 6)

Tucci is especially honored to have befriended so many 442nd veterans, whose unit stands among the most decorated in U.S. Army history: “The sacrifice of these men, who were all volunteers, is just staggering, especially when you think that so many died for another’s freedom while their own families were incarcerated behind barbed wire here in the United States.”

Tucci refers to the heinous incarceration of over 100,000 Japanese-Americans during the Second World War in FDR’s “interment camps” – rounded up with no hearings or trial, their only crime being that of their heritage.

“My ultimate goal, above and beyond any sort of sales or personal recognition, is that in the future, when a fan reads a book or sees a film or documentary on the 141st, the 442nd, or the 405th Fighter Squadron, they can then turn to their children and say, ‘I met one of those great men once.'”

On the “Tour of Heroes”, all the veterans will share their wartime and post-war experiences with the fans and sign free “Sgt. Rock” prints graciously produced by DC. Tucci concluded, “Meeting these men has been the greatest honor of my life, and hopefully this tour will serve as a fitting tribute to these humble heroes who, in sacrificing so much of themselves for freedom, ended up saving the world. We really need to let them know how appreciated and loved they truly are.”

Cards, Comics and Collectibles Marc Nathan added, “This is an incredibly rare opportunity to share a special day with these heroes and a learn an amazing lesson in history by those who lived it.”

“Sgt. Rock – The Lost Battalion Day One” will make its debut next Wednesday, November 5th. On November 12th, Billy will appear at Cards, Comics & Collectibles in Reisterstown, MD, joined by 442nd RCT veterans Kelly Kuwayama, Terry Shima, and Merrill’s Marauders’ Grant Hirabayashi.

November 12th 2008
Cards, Comics & Collectibles
100 Chartley Drive
Reisterstown, MD 21136
(410) 526-7410

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