SF Rock Posters STEPPING UP!

by Cassaundra Thomas

top-rockposters-com_540xNEW_540x-300x82 SF Rock Posters STEPPING UP!SF Rock Posters has been showing off some pretty amazing posters in their current auction. There is something for EVERYONE in this auction from the amazing foil variants & Acid Test handbills, to posters for the Beatles, Grateful Dead, and Nirvana and even some CGC graded posters. Let’s take a gander at some of the posters that are stepping up the game!

SF Rock Posters is a well-known concert posters auction house. They have started to include CGC graded posters as well. The auction set to end THIS Sunday leaves me breathless. There are some absolutely stunning pieces in the auction that’ are already seeing some impressive bids.

Emek Foil Variants

Screen-Shot-2021-02-25-at-2.45.51-PM-222x300 SF Rock Posters STEPPING UP!These are the posters that hold the highest bids right now. The poster pictured here is actually THE highest right now. At the time of writing this post, the current bid is sitting at $6,950. This piece was created by Emek for a Pearl Jam concert in 2011. There were only 25 of these foil print variants created. Comparing the current bid against the handful of sales of this poster in 2019 this auction is going to create a record breaking sale for this poster. The highest it has sold for in the past was $6,500 in 2019.

Foil is Hot

There are six other foil variants that are included in this auction (pictured below with current bids at the time of writing this article). The first in the line up is for a Tool concert from 2006 labeled Cyberman and it is actually the artist proof. Personally, I’m surprised this one isn’t bringing in higher bids. Second is another poster for Tool’s concert in 2006, this time in Berlin rather than Detroit. Out of the 6 foil print posters in the auction, this is the one with the most prints of 40.  These 3 are the most expensive bids in the auction so far.

The other three are incredibly rare. The 2013 Coachella poster is the only one if its kind while TRPS poster only has 25 prints while the cheapest of the 6 only had 10. I think I’m missing something on why the Queens of the Stone Age is not priced higher as there are only 10 in existence.. Maybe people aren’t wanting to show their interest yet? So, where do you think these posters will sell for?

3200-e1614285231963-1024x420 SF Rock Posters STEPPING UP!

Now, there are 80 posters in this auction. So, let’s look at some iconic pieces that are included excluded these amazing foil prints.

Family Dog Posters

fd-207x300 SF Rock Posters STEPPING UP!


This is the FD-45, and is known as the Girl in the Red Circle. It’s a stunning Family Dog poster from the Psychedelic era in 1967. The poster in the auction is a raw version, though according to our poster price guide, there are only 42 of these in the CGC Census. The highest a graded poster sold for was $7,800 but this poster has a current bid of $1,400. It is described as Near Mint and was created by the wonderful duo of Mouse & Kelley. The poster features the Quick Silver Messenger Service and the Grateful Dead for a concert at the Avalon Ballroom.


fd-81-196x300 SF Rock Posters STEPPING UP!This one is so fun to me. FD-81 is also known as Mist Dance. The bright colors and difficult to read text just scream psychedelic. PLUS it’s in a signature series CGC holder… I know that some people don’t like the holders, but the way I see it is that I KNOW this is an authentic poster. So many fakes are out there floating around, I like to know what I have is the real deal. From the poster itself to the signature, this is a poster I can be confident in adding to my collection. This one is at a steal right now as the current bid is $100.

According to our price guide, there are only 19 of these OPs in the census and only 5 are signature series. There has only been 1 sale of an 8.0 but that was for a blue label and it sold for $547 in 2018 from PAE.

Acid Test Handbill

WhatEveItIs-283x300 SF Rock Posters STEPPING UP!This is a really cool piece of ephemera for the Acid Tests. This event from 1966 marks the official last acid test as LSD was marked as a controlled substance afterward. Actually, it was only 6 days after this event that that happened. Talk about holding history in your hands! Performers included The Grateful Dead, Mimi Farina, The Only Alternative, Committee, Wildflower, The Final Solution, The SF Mime Troupe, Congress of Wonders, Demon Lover, and others.

Surprisingly, The current bid for this piece is $225. I can see that there are 2 others currently online for sale. One on eBay for over $1k and another at Classic Rock Posters for $750. Either way, I will be amazing if this handbill doesn’t go for much more at this auction.

Wrap Up

Like I said, there are 80 posters in this auction and SO many are stunning. The bids right now are pretty reasonable so if you want your hands on some pretty wonderful pieces, be sure to head over to SF Rock Posters and check out the auction. I’m looking forward to seeing how these bids end.

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