Seven of Nine Action Figure Leads January-Solicited PREVIEWS Exclusives

by Jeff

(BALTIMORE, MD) — (December 17, 2008) — Every month, PREVIEWS, the comic shop’s catalog, offers exclusive items you can only find at comic book specialty shops and other fine specialty retailers served by Diamond Comic Distributors.

Showcasing items shipping in March and beyond, January’s catalog has a variety of PREVIEWS Exclusives (PX), including:

• Star Trek: Borg Series – Seven of Nine PX Action Figure (Item Code: JAN09 4876; $19.99 MSRP): A variant of the regular Seven of Nine figure included in Diamond Select Toys’ Star Trek: Borg Series, this 7”-tall figure features multiple points of articulation and presents the character as portrayed by Jeri Ryan on Star Trek: Voyager in a purple catsuit. Each figure comes with a piece of the build-your-own “Borg Alcove” display.

STBorgSeriesPXSevenOfNine Seven of Nine Action Figure Leads January-Solicited PREVIEWS Exclusives

• George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards: The Hard Call PX HC (Item Code: JAN09 4147; $19.95 MSRP): Master fantasy/sci-fi writer George R.R. Martin teams with Daniel Abraham and Eric Battle for this tale of a New York that’s decimated by a virus following World War II. Those lucky enough to survive it were granted super-powers, changing the identity of the city and the world forever. Collecting the entire Wild Cards mini-series, Random House’s hardcover also features an introduction by Martin and original short story by Melinda Snodgrass.

WildCards Seven of Nine Action Figure Leads January-Solicited PREVIEWS Exclusives

• Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Storm Front #1 (Volume 2) PX Cover (Item Code: JAN09 4149; $3.99 MSRP): Joined by writer Mark Powers and artist Adrian Syaf, Jim Butcher continues to adapt his best-selling novel series for Dabel Brother Publishing. Detective and wizard Harry Dresden’s key witness is now dead, leaving him with little hope of proving his innocence of the crimes he’s accused. This first issue features an exclusive wraparound cover that is only available through PREVIEWS.

DresdenFilesV21StormFront_PX-CVR Seven of Nine Action Figure Leads January-Solicited PREVIEWS Exclusives

• Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #55 PX Photo Cover (Item Code: JAN09 4084; $15.00 MSRP): Broadsword Comics continues the story of Tarot, the warrior witch, from writer/artist Jim Balent with this issue, beginning “The Witches’ Market” storyline. Limited to a print run of just 1,000 copies, each PX edition will be signed by Balent as well as model/colorist Holly Golightly and come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Tarot55PhotoCover Seven of Nine Action Figure Leads January-Solicited PREVIEWS Exclusives

Additionally, every month Titan Publishing solicits an expanse of magazines available in PREVIEWS Exclusive editions as well as their regular Newsstand versions. Those PX editions solicited in January include the Heroes Magazine #9 (Item Code: JAN09 4616; $9.99 MSRP), Star Trek Magazine #17 (Item Code: JAN09 4623; $6.99 MSRP), Star Wars Insider #108 (Item Code: JAN09 4625; $5.99 MSRP) and Supernatural Magazine #9 (Item Code: JAN09 4627; $6.99 MSRP).

January PREVIEWS hits shelves at your local comic book specialty shop on December 24, so stop in and pick up your copy to learn more about these items and a host of other great comic books, graphic novels, toys and more pop culture products coming soon. To ensure accuracy when placing your order, please provide your local retailer with the Item Codes provided. Find a shop near you now by visiting

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