Seth’s Taddle Creek Artwork Stolen

by Jeff

Seth’s artwork for the Canadian magazine Taddle Creek has been stolen.

The Taddle Creek office in downtown Toronto may have been the site of Canada’s latest art heist. A wrap-around magazine cover of bespoke hobgoblins floating over old City Hall by graphic artist Seth disappeared after the office was closed last Thursday.

“I was disappointed, but mostly because I wanted to sell it,” says Seth, the Guelph-based illustrator and cartoonist born Gregory Gallant. “I’ve had artwork disappear before–comic art gets stolen all the time.”

“Every time there’s a comic convention, a piece of missing art shows up,” says Seth, whose work has twice appeared on the cover of The New Yorker. “Comic book collectors are greedy. In fact, collectors in general are terrible types.”

  c2b-foot Seth's Taddle Creek Artwork Stolen

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